Your dream is still there

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He regularly wakes up at 4.30 in the morning every day. He wears his shoes and drives to the park for a morning walk and spends his little time over workouts. There are some friends in the park, and he interacts with them for some time and leaves after 7.30 am. After coming back home, he carries on his routine work like bathing, having breakfast, and leaves home at 9.30 am to his shop.

He runs a stationery shop near the school very successfully. He provides notebooks, textbooks, and other stationery articles to many schools. In this way, he has been occupying himself in this for the past fourteen years. Prior to this, he was the manager of a finance company. Whoever meets him for the first time, love talking to him as he converses sweetly. If someone requires his help, he will not say ‘no’ to them. He normally says, ‘let me try’, ‘I’ll think it over‘, ‘I’ll get back to you.’ At the same time, he has never given any artificial commitments to anyone so far. If he could not get any solutions to the quandaries of others, he would immediately call them and say ‘sorry, I tried much. I didn’t get.’This kind of attitude brings more friends to him.

The way he keeps his body fit and deals with the person carefully, catch the attention of many. At the age of 48, he had quit his job and began this business. At the commencement, he had tough days for some time. When he started this business, everybody taunted him not to begin this but, he did not catch any words into his ears. He walked unflinchingly with his own plans. Yes, it was a perilous movement that one had quit his job and started a business at the age of 48. Unless you have a strong will power to defeat the hindrances, it is impossible.

Many astonished with his activities. Now he is 62 years old, yet he is very dynamic. If we want to follow him, the one thing that can be followed by others is his smiley face. Yes, he always carries a smile on his face which everyone ignores to do. Nowadays many a person starts a business, but the middle of the way loses their sight and wind up their business. Why could not they come up in their lives through business? The initial days were incredible for them because the dream which they had in their mind would have pushed them for some time. In the middle of the way, if they face any obstructions, their mind becomes drained utterly and they do not have the energy to run further. 


How could this 62-year-old guy make it possible? 

Let’s have a word with him.

He said.“I got many troubles during my employment, so I had to work with many firms. In one organization, I had problems with the boss. In another one, I had with co-workers. In some others, I had with others. So, till the age of 46, I couldn’t stay anywhere. I had many fluctuations. I worked well and met all the targets in a company, yet it did not pay my salary properly which means the company itself got some troubles financially. Besides, I was there for six months without receiving any payment. My peculiar situation forced me to quit and join somewhere. In another organization, when everything was fine, the organization closed down permanently as they didn’t have any expertise, vision, etc., When there was nothing to lose, I started on my own at the age of 48 without any big investment but with vision, planning and a lot of self-confidence.

I can’t say that no one helped me in this business. Without others’ help or support, I wouldn’t have succeeded in this. In my opinion, no one can accomplish anything alone. I don’t have any discrepancies among my customers. The person who buys even for a small value, I must treat him as my supporter. As far as my business is concerned, one thing I damn sure that age is not a criterion for anybody to chase something in life. Anything can be achieved at any age. Come out and make your dreams come true.”

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