You Can Speak But Listen First

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One of his colleagues is getting married today. He wants to attend the wedding but not well. What to do? He got an idea. Without any further delay, he woke his son up and informed him. Yes, he decided to send his twenty-two-year-old son on his behalf. He told all viable directions to his son to reach the specific place. Son was saying, ‘yes’ to his father whatever he said. Hence, he came out of the house and started moving towards the wedding hall. Middle of the way he forgot the route which was told by his father. Finally, he attended the wedding, but it was somebody’s wedding at some other wedding hall.

Looks very absurd it seems, doesn’t it? Why was there some confusion? Are you able to find out the reason? I think you could catch the reason very clearly why it had happened like this. The son did not pay attention to his father’s words. He took this in a lighter manner so, he ended up in trouble.

Let’s see another example.

He is a driver of that firm. He drives the car for the General Manager. Since the person who is engaged for depositing money in the bank account on leave today, the driver was asked to deposit the cash of Rs.10 lakhs. But the General Manager asked him to note down the details properly. But, the driver took the cash overconfidently and deposited the amount in some other account. It had created a huge predicament for the organisation. Then the accountant went to the bank and begged the bank Manager to transfer the cash to this account.    

These two incidents have clearly brought out the issue of non-listening. People do not usually give importance to listening. They should know that listening is more important than speaking. In the first incident, no harm or no loss has been created, though it occurred because the boy did not listen to his father.


In the second incident, it went beyond their control. It would have been a great failure of the organization’s regular activities if the money hadn’t come into their account.

If we are able to read or watch the success stories of the famous persons, one thing we must respect them which is listening. Whenever they partake in any debate, discussion or any meeting, they normally let others speak and listen carefully. Like speaking, listening is also a skill which should be developed by everyone.

There are some people who normally do not listen to others. They generally do not wait for others to complete their argument or speech. So, in between, they wish to come in quickly and put their side of arguments which reflects the impatience of the person. It will actually create some friction among the relationships. What kind of debate or discussion are we going to have when we do not allow others to finish their points? Debate or discussion, it should be done between two or more people. If we expect others should only listen to our arguments, then it must be treated as our speech. It cannot be taken as a discussion.

Why people are not ready to listen to others?

  • Some people think that their side of arguments is only valid.
  • Some think that they do not need others’ point of view.
  • Some people are naturally not interested in others’ arguments.
  • Some do not have the patience to listen to others.
  • Some people want to finish their points first. For instance, A wants to finish his points first. Now B starts his arguments after A, then A will not show any interest in B’s speech.
  • Some may have kind of indifference.

Why should we listen to others?

  • It is a basic manner to let others speak.
  • It will bring our character out that we respect others opinion.
  • When we allow others they could finish their points very conveniently without any scepticism. If we interfere in the middle of the conversation, they may not proceed and there are some possibilities that the people will not engage in any kind of discussions again with us.
  • When others speak completely, we also come to know what he or she tries to communicate.
  • Be it discussion or debate, it should be healthy among people. Listening will bring healthy discussions and wonderful conversations.
  • Listening half will not yield anything which means the work may not end fruitfully but with problems.

So I attempt to highlight once again that listening is more important than speaking.

24 thoughts on “You Can Speak But Listen First

  1. I agree listening is very important! In many situations…

    But there are also instances where you just can NOT listen anymore! I can not listen to my president anymore because he lies, keeps the truth away, and then says horrendous things. Over and over … so there are instances when someone can not “take” listening anymore ✌️

    But in normal circumstances yes absolutely agree with you.

  2. Being a good listener is one of the best ways to be a good communicator and a quality of a good Leadership.

    Through active listening, you can better understand what the other person is trying to say, and can respond appropriately.

    Very inspiring

  3. It’s taken me a long time to learn to speak less and listen more. the times I caused problems from not listening. Perhaps when I’m an old man, I’ll be much better at this. Nice post, Sir.

  4. Good Morning/ Evening to you Murali!
    Good stories illustrating how important it is to listen to the other person!
    So good to see you as I’ve been wondering how you are doing. Everything ok?
    Be well and have a good week ahead!

      1. Oh so good to hear Murali! I’m all good hear, smoke has cleared and fires under control now just the aftermath. Love visiting you always.. haven’t seen you on my site lately, do visit when you get time. ❤️ Cindy

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