Where is my happiness?

As long as we require someone else to make us happy, we are slaves” Swami Vivekananda

Happiness remains an important thing for everyone’s life. But unfortunately, nobody knows what happiness is? And where does it hide? This question looks extremely naive but replies for the same is a little difficult to pronounce. Many of us relate happiness with money because money is playing a vital role in each one of our life. Hence naturally everyone thinks happiness revolving around money or vice versa. Somebody finds happiness with some consumable items like television, mobile phones. Some others connect themselves by watching movies or TV serials, going to eateries on weekends, attending late-night parties and consuming alcohol.

Will the aforesaid things produce happiness? No. First and foremost point to keep in our mind is, the money will not produce happiness in any kind of format. Whatever we bring home by spending money lavishly will definitely not produce happiness. 

I would like throwing some light on this through an incident. A few months in the past I had been invited by one of my friends to his son’s birthday. It was arranged in a massive hall which was insufficient to accommodate the entire crowd. People were standing in a queue to present their gift to the child. A big cake had been ordered, and the hall had been garnished in an extraordinary manner. There were abundantly numerous items on each of the food plate. Approximately, he would have spent Rs.3-4 lakhs for this occasion, in my opinion. After some days passed, I came knowing that nearly Rupees two lakhs had been borrowed by him to celebrate the birthday. Now it seems, he is floundering to repay the money with interest.

Let’s consider another example. I know a constantly busy insurance agent with his schedules He wanted to come out of such a monotonous life. So he pledged almost all of his jewels to spend his summer holidays. He visited a hill station where he enjoyed along with his family and experienced a wonderful time. But he heavily suffered nearly for one year to redeem his jewels. 


The previously mentioned incidents clearly depict the value of money.Significant of these two incidents is they were feeling cheerful when they were capable to succeed what they envisioned.But that was not happiness.That was pleasure which does not acquire prolonged life whereas happiness has.Money enables you to purchase all these items, not happiness.Whatever we collect, or whenever we enjoy glorious time through money which gives a small cheerfulness.It won’t last long. It will disappear swiftly.Ok,then what obtains happiness?

Happiness is a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.An event or incident which obtains positivity and enlightenment is called happiness.In our life we try achieving many things for which we face many challenges and hardships.If our goal is proper,then we should strive earnestly till the end with unparalleled level of energy to achieve what we formulated.We can witness happiness through an achievement because after encountering many hardships,the success will come through.

It’s a feeling of satisfaction which is happiness. 

That cannot be expressed by words.We cannot secure this happiness by offering money.A child can study at an international school or any public school which cannot acquire any happiness to parents.The parents will be feeling delighted when the child will become virtuous because of the school.

In a journey on a train, we could witness some people. They naturally do not consider any choice of eating. They ingest what they get. Otherwise, they would listen to music by taking out their very fundamental model of a mobile phone which does not have all features as a smart phone has.

If anybody goes to park regularly, can note many people aged around 60 years who become friends easily. There is no agenda among them other than meeting each other almost every day and expect nothing. There are no talks of their bank balance, assets, etc., if they include any talks about money, it would be a main obstacle for their friendship. They come with happiness and when go back home they exhibit happiness. On this spot we could learn a lesson that money or ego would kill our happiness. We have to choose happiness over  ego.

The following points would make us know where our happiness is.

Energy Level

Assume you start a new project for which you are so happy and energetic. It has to be noted that the same amount of energy is maintained throughout the project. In the middle of the project, if you feel any boredom of the work, it means the work or the project does not bring any happiness to you. 

Check the Status of Your Mindset

Your mind should be static whether you have money or not. It means your positive mindset does not allow you to think pessimistically whatever be of your financial status is. At this juncture your intuition says to you “Anything can be managed by me.”

Wake up Level Energy Towards Work

Every day you wake up from the bed. At that moment just stand in front of the mirror and think about your going to work. If your facial expression goes wrong and not sending any positive signals to your mind, it means you have not been receiving any kind of happiness through your job so far.

Always Be Positive

Whether the problem is severe or trivial, you can repeatedly say to you “god is with me.” That sort of constructive thinking will spur you to happiness.

Regular Meeting 

Your meeting with friends and relatives on frequent intervals could make you happy if it does not produce any issues such as ego, comparison.

Stretch Helping Hand

Whenever you identify any destitute persons on the road who possess nothing to consume, do not try overlooking them. Stretch your helping hand to those. This will offer utmost satisfaction to you.

Body Fitness

We can feel our happiness through regular jogging, walking, or perform yoga to support our body fitness. If our body produces high-level energy, it is enjoyable for our minds too.  

Apart from these the happiness which you can get through ,

  • When you play with your children or telling stories to them. 
  • Try paying full attention to children when they tell stories to you.
  • You can offer your seat to the elderly people in public transport.

As Osho quoted in his book (Die O Yogi Die)Happiness has nothing to do with what you have or don’t have. Happiness is related to what you are.”

So happiness is within. It is not prevailing outside. There is no use at searching happiness outside. We are solely responsible for our happiness. Our activity, thought process and behaviour determine the happiness of ours.

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  1. Wise words! I think happiness is a choice, and I choose to be happy. I think happiness comes from a clear conscience, acheivement of worthy goals, and loving relationships with family and friends.

    1. Hi sir,
      Thanks very much for reading and commenting.
      Many persons treat their pleasure as happiness. I wanted to clarify those things through my post.

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