When there is no speech…

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During this pandemic, everyone has to wear face masks. There is no doubt about that. But a fascinating part is some masks carry some messages. When I went to market a few days ago, I was observing a person who wore a mask on his face which had a message “silence please”. Though the message was not appropriate to that place, it attracted me well, and the paradoxical thing was, he was removing the mask very often in order to communicate to somebody.

Now it is a little tough to recognize some person even they are extremely devoted to us since they are wearing a mask. Even somebody meets, they are unable to exchange words because of the mask. In older days, they were interacting through gestures. Now we have so many devices to communicate what we want to convey.

If everybody carries messages through their masks, will it be attractive? In my opinion, it is an incredible tool to express our views or convey our message to others.

Just imagine, in what ways it can be used, and what are the messages can be printed on the mask.


At a Hotel reception, the receptionist may wear a mask with the message ‘Can I have your name please?’ We can instantly wear a mask which may have our name. As a result, the receptionist will be able to note down our name.

A person loves a girl, but he could not express his love for her because of fear. This type of guys can get the masks printed with “I love you” and stand in front of the girl ‘boldly’. But, the guy should beseech god that the girl should not wear a mask with “I hate you” or “I’ll thrash you”.

The chap should be very careful and allow no one to wear this kind of masks because in case if his father wears on an emergency and invites many perplexities. 

A person who is in search of a job may wear a mask with “I need a job” and give a concise introduction about him like qualification, age, experience, etc. At the same time, an employer who needs an employee may have a mask with “need a job? Send details to this mail id” and may urge indirectly everyone who is eligible to apply. 

In a classroom, the teacher cannot shout every time to keep the students silence. Hence the teacher may wear a mask with “Shut your mouth” or “Silence please” or “If you want to leave, shout.” But the naughty students may have masks which carry the message “I won’t shout but to leave”.

In an election campaign, more number of persons not permitted due to the pandemic. Hence the political parties could disseminate masks with the message “Vote for (candidate’s name)“ to voters in a massive way with the symbol of the party and demand each party worker wear and roam the particular area of the city.

When a friend or colleague looks depressed, we cannot touch or hold his hand and pacify. So, we can wear masks which says “Be Positive” or “Be Bold” or ” Don’t lose your confidence”.

Nowadays beggars are also choosy. Beggars do not accept what we provide. Therefore, they are prepared to fight for this cause and set their limit for acceptance. So in future, beggars may have masks with “I won’t accept below this…” or “please contribute above …”.

In a hospital, patient can wear “Thank you” mask to express his gratitiude and the doctor may wear “You’ll become alright” mask.

This pandemic has promoted many unfamiliar things in our life. Though the preceding lines are imaginary, we cannot say these things will not occur.

38 thoughts on “When there is no speech…

  1. I am careful and do wear a mask, but am truly tired of it. It fogs up my glasses and makes it more difficult for me to hear/understand what others are saying. May I also say I’m tired of the pandemic.

  2. It’s a great idea Murali and I can only were the thin paper dr ones but I just found some to paper ones with messages and am gifting them to my daughter for her b.day. One is stay strong, one are cats since we love them, one says alcohol kills germs (don’t tell certain parties, or they might believe it 🤣). Hope you are well! ❤️ Cindy

  3. Looks like I’ll have to step up my game, Murali! No longer will the mask with the scroll pattern or the pink and blue leaves or the green ivy be sufficient! Very thought-provoking and amusing post! <3 Enjoy your weekend! Cheryl

      1. I wear masks because I have to, not because I think they work. The virus is microscopic and can easily pass through any cloth mask, look at the warning labels on the cloth masks, it says it won’t protect against viruses.

  4. Quite interesting post! 💕
    Loved the last parto of patients wearing a Thank you mask for all the frontline health workers! 😊
    I hope employers don’t wear a mask saying “We will get back to you” 😁

      1. Enjoyable post Muralikrish. Many of your mask ideas made me smile and the different situations. Mask creativity is abundant in Canada also, some are quite cute with animal faces. I imagine I haven’t seen much of all that is out there.
        I am fortunate to live in a small city of about 34,000 and no infections at all. I think there might have been one and they moved them to a hospital farther north so the three or four people in that city who were infected were kept to that hospital.
        I am still very careful though and wear a mask when people are around and even outside keep a distance.
        Stay well and wear your mask. How about a picture on your blog of you and your mask? – David

        1. That’s nice. It’s very important to wear a mask whenever we go out for anything and also it’s good to hear that there are no infections at your place.
          Soon you can see my photo with a mask.
          Thanks for taking the time to read.

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