What is productivity?

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What is productivity? If you think, it is about working without taking a break is pronounced productivity. That’s wrong, and in this way, it cannot be improved. Many people are working beyond their time. Some people work even on Sundays.

I called one of my friends on a Sunday and enquired if we could meet. He said he was getting ready for his office. This information is not unusual for me because I have noticed some people went to work on Sundays. But that may be for one or two Sundays. There was no mandate for them to go on all weekends.

Universally, there is one holiday in a week. Some firms work five days a week and declare holidays for two days in a weekend. First of all, we should get to know this pattern of holidays. Why do we need one day holiday in a week? Will that make a big difference in my life if I am off for a day to my office?

Yes, surely. It will make a lot of difference not only in our professional life but also in our personal life. How? If a person goes to work for six days a week and the seventh day he can relish the quality time with his family and only for his family. Whether he takes his family out or he spends his time with his family inside of the house that is not a problem. Many surveys say when a person spends sufficient time with family after working hard, his mind becomes active and thinks innovatively. Productivity increases. That is why the organizations follow this model of holidays.

Unfortunately, some organizations and employees do not realize the importance of this.

But some organizations follow these very strictly and some have a mandatory holiday system in place. The employee of an organization should utilize this opportunity and go on holidays for five or ten days in a year which depends on the organization’s employee strength and holiday policy.

In those days, the company will not disturb him over the phone for any clarifications.

Those who work a lot for their employers can utilize this kind of opportunities. Whether it is one day or ten days of holiday, it must be utilized properly. 

How can one utilize this opportunity fruitfully?

  • He can take his family out for lunch or dinner. If it is ten days, he can visit any place which would be based on his family’s wish and spend the time with his family.
  • Unless it is an emergency, no calls from the office will be attended because it may spoil the mood of the holiday.
  • On a busy schedule, he would have missed talking to his friends and relatives. By utilizing this opportunity, he could revive the relationships.
  • If he is interested in cooking, he can prepare delicious dishes for his family and serve.
  • For some reasons, he would have avoided talking to the elders in his family. Now he can talk to them very freely and express whatever he has in his mind. 

When a person does something which is very close to his heart, his energy level is unlimited. That will do more miracles in his professional life. Our mind needs rest too. That is why our energy level is high after waking up from a good sleep if you notice it.


We need to work hard. There is no second view on that. At the same time, if we think about our body and mind and allow some time it could be useful for our life.

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  1. I believe it is very important to take at least one day off a week. My husband and I are business owners— there is no end to work. It took my some time to honor that day off. It is necessary. Great post!

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