Try walking on your own

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Here, we have to acknowledge others for our actions habitually. We need to consider what the other person will think about us if we do this. In this way, our uniqueness dies as we value the opinion of others continuously. We can value others’ opinions for our life. However, we cannot entrust our complete life to others’ hands. We can seek others’ opinions but the real question is, to what extent.

Let’s see the life of a man.

He is a security guard for an MNC. He has to catch two buses to reach his work spot in the morning. It takes two hours for him to reach and the same in the evening to come back home. He is 62 years old however, he performs his work as a boy. Prior to this, he was in a factory as a Boiler operator. After retirement, he has happily accepted this job and delivers his duties well. Everybody believes that he works as a security guard even after retirement as his son does not take care of him properly. So everyone looked at him poorly.

He got a job extension at a lower salary at the same company he retired from. But he said no and accepted this job. So everyone thought that the salary which was offered to him would not have been sufficient.


The most important thing we need to know is, none of this affects his mind. He walks on his own path without any skepticism. Most of the time in a day goes to his work and travel itself takes four hours a day. His son and wife told him numerous times to quit this job and spend his time with his family. At the age of 62, he does not require any job. Son pleaded to his father to inform his financial needs but he said no to everything. The son had drawn in his mind an image of his father as an ‘adamant person.’

It happens to everyone. There is no difference, I think. Here, most people breathe their life for others. They seek others’ opinions for almost everything. They say yes to everything. At the same time, suddenly people see a person who thinks on his own and does not need opinions from others. There are more possibilities that this sort of behavior of a person could be marked as ‘arrogance’

As discussed above, people form opinions on someone on their own and expect them to act as per their mindset. How could it be possible? Many people may think about a person as a ‘fool’. But, there is no mandate to him to act as a ‘fool’ in front of everyone. So, the world conceives an image of him as arrogant and stupid.

Let’s go back. Here there is impatience to everyone. Why did he renounce the offer of his previous organization and why does he agree to work which takes four hours for traveling alone?

One day, he had to illuminate all these things to one of his co-workers. He clarified his position by saying,” yes, I got an offer from my previous organization after retirement. I was with that organization for 35 years. I didn’t search for jobs after I had joined there. But I was feeling monotonous to proceed with the same work. My mind was hunting for a different job which I haven’t experienced earlier but never thought about sitting at home and relaxing. As per the company policies, the management may say to you that you are aged. My mind says to me ‘no…You are young. You can work more.’ This job attracted me more. That’s why I have come here. I’m not enthusiastic about acquiring more wealth and live a luxurious life. I like this security guard job very much. I have come out of the work which I had done for 35 years. “

Everybody, including my son and wife, insisted not to go to this job. I really value their care for me. However, I want to live my own life as far as my health is good.”

He smiled and looked very positive when he finished. There are reasons for somebody’s actions. Those are valuable reasons too.

15 thoughts on “Try walking on your own

  1. Murali, I totally agree that there are reasons for all behavior. We may never know the motivations behind people’s actions. But in the case of friends and family, not condemning before understanding might help. Also, just because someone is of retirement age does not mean their children have a right to make decisions for them. Communication would do a lot to improve this situation. 🙂

    This is a very well-written and thought-provoking story. It may lead to some meaningful discussions. Hope you are well. <3 <3 <3

  2. That is so true Murili. Your story points so clearly to our need to value our desires inspite of what anyone else thinks! So good to see you! Happy a little late Diwali! ❤️✨✨✨✨✨ Cindy

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