Everyday Expression #3

Whenever we have any conversation on important subjects with someone, we should communicate with facts. Otherwise, keep ourselves silenced because the information without authenticity is termed as a rumour. © 2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #2

'An opportunity denied ' is an extremely common expression in this competitive world, but the accomplishment of the set goal with the strength of our mind and perseverance is extraordinary. © 2020Murali

Do you have a well-wisher?

I went to my friend’s house as he invited me some time ago. When I entered, he was talking over the mobile phone. He just recognized me and asked to sit by his gesticulation as he could not disconnect the call. The conversation which he had with somebody over the phone was on his upcoming tour program with his family. He was inquiring about the places to explore, types of food to be eaten, details about accommodation and more importantly, number of days for staying, sightseeing, mode of travel, … Continue reading Do you have a well-wisher?

Everyday Expression #1

'Yes' and 'No' the words which are very small in size, but they comprise more value if we use it appropriately in places and occasions. © 2020 Murali

How to increase our productivity?

Image Courtesy : regiondo All over the place especially in the workplace, there is always a discussion about the productivity of a man and how it has to be increased. Before getting into increase productivity, we should be acquainted with what productivity is. What is productivity? There is a misapprehension about productivity. People by and large consider that carrying out more tasks in a single day is called productivity. In reality, productivity is carrying out important tasks consistently. At the same time retain the stability and normal speed on particular things, not keen on the most extraordinary speed.  Now we discuss how to increase our productivity. In our day to day life, we face many obstacles when we try to accomplish our work. Many diversions ruined our work and we become impatient sometimes.  End of the day, we feel perturbed and lose our vigour. Therefore, there is a system called the … Continue reading How to increase our productivity?

Grip the mind

The mind is a powerful device which needs to be controlled as it gets to wandering aimlessly. As long as we are thralls to our mind, it will dominate us. By acquiring ownership of it, we will become a master and capable of regulating it in a constructive way. ©2020 Murali

Enable Our Mind

Our own convictions themselves will drive us to the direction of solutions for our quandaries but seeking the opinion of others on the same will produce perturbation and further, it may weaken our firmness. ©2020 Murali

Planning Matters

Proper planning will make you a successful person. Improper plans will not project you as a failure but it will make you stronger than earlier, rewrite your plans and allow you to travel again till your goal is reached successfully. ©2020 Murali

For lasting Success…

Do not believe in the success which comes from overnight, because it may go as fast as it comes. Believe in success which comes through dedication, honesty, perseverance and hard work, because it will last longer forever. ©2020 Murali