How to increase our productivity?

Image Courtesy : regiondo All over the place especially in the workplace, there is always a discussion about the productivity of a man and how it has to be increased. Before getting into increase productivity, we should be acquainted with what productivity is. What is productivity? There is a misapprehension about productivity. People by and large consider that carrying out more tasks in a single day is called productivity. In reality, productivity is carrying out important tasks consistently. At the same time retain the stability and normal speed on particular things, not keen on the most extraordinary speed.  Now we discuss how to increase our productivity. In our day to day life, we face many obstacles when we try to accomplish our work. Many diversions ruined our work and we become impatient sometimes.  End of the day, we feel perturbed and lose our vigour. Therefore, there is a system called the … Continue reading How to increase our productivity?