Online Farces


Image Courtesy : Click Meeting After I had published the post “Lockdown Lessons”, I went through some news about the pandemic in some newspapers. I got some interesting things for this week. This post may bring out some interesting incidents which happened or happening in this period. So, this can be treated as the continuity of the Lockdown Lessons.   We live in the online era. When we are facing the plight of the pandemic, everything becomes online faster than ever. Wherever you see, there is online. Online classes, online court, online doctor, etc., Online Classes for School Students Everybody enthusiastically attends online classes, it seems. There are two forty-minute classes for all school children. This may vary for higher secondary classes. Do the students attend these classes interestingly? Who knows? Parents do not want their children to waste their time sitting unproductively at home. So if truth be told parents are … Continue reading Online Farces