Everyday Expression #19

Everybody requires solutions for their problems. However, some people run somewhere and search for solutions.  If they believe themselves positively, they will realise that the best solutions are only with them which means problems are with us and solutions too.     ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #18

Image Courtesy : Readworks The path of the victory always has stones and thorns for which do not hesitate to travel till the end. Because at the end of the path there may be a success waiting for you. ©2020 Murali

Corner Talks #3

He runs his own business in a suburban area of the city. He has been inviting me to his office for four months. So, I was waiting for him in the reception area. Till he arrived, I had a look at some remarkable photographs of his business projects. He is an exporter and he sends cardamom, rice and many more items to many countries. Within ten minutes he appeared and took me to his room. He was speaking more about his business. Suddenly, one of … Continue reading Corner Talks #3

Everyday Expression #17

Many said we can learn some lessons from every mistake of ours. If so, why are some mistakes repeated by us? Because we are capable of committing mistakes but unfortunately, we forget to learn the lessons.  ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #16

If we keep on estimating the distance of a place, we cannot begin our journey. Similarly, if we think about our challenges of success, we cannot take even one step towards achievement. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #13

Image Courtesy : Unsplash No need to bother much when our problem escalates. It means it will absolutely come to an end soon. Instead of worrying, we can feel happy because many problems found solutions only after it had touched a peak. ©2020 Murali

Failures are good

I was travelling to Pune by train some years ago. A fellow passenger was sitting beside me who was reserved. As he was restless, I did not start talking to him. After some stations traversed, he took a notebook from his bag and started writing something. Suddenly he would stop writing and think something. He … Continue reading Failures are good

Corner Talks #1

He has been working in this organization for more than eight months. His main job is to type many documents associated with the tender. Since it is going to be posted to the government officials, it has to be typed accurately but he does not make the work with diligence. He has not prepared the document without any single mistake so far, but unfortunately, he has not shown any remorse.  Subsequently, it is managed by an old man who is about to retire from his service very soon. Today it went beyond his control. The Managing Director of the company has provided him a very little amount of time to do the job perfectly otherwise he has to leave the organization. He approached the old man for the first time in eight months and asked “Sir, how do you type these many documents without … Continue reading Corner Talks #1

Everyday Expression #2

'An opportunity denied ' is an extremely common expression in this competitive world, but the accomplishment of the set goal with the strength of our mind and perseverance is extraordinary. © 2020Murali

Do you have a well-wisher?

I went to my friend’s house as he invited me some time ago. When I entered, he was talking over the mobile phone. He just recognized me and asked to sit by his gesticulation as he could not disconnect the call. The conversation which he had with somebody over the phone was on his upcoming tour program with his family. He was inquiring about the places to explore, types of food to be eaten, details about accommodation and more importantly, number of days for staying, sightseeing, mode of travel, … Continue reading Do you have a well-wisher?