Everyday Expression #37

Image Courtesy : Etiqa Whenever you have a discussion with anybody,  just start with a smile. Smile has two benefits. One is, it will bring a relationship one step closer and another one is, it will reduce the friction if you have anything with the other person. But your smile should be genuine. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #36

We learn how to speak. In the same way, we must also learn to keep silence sometimes, because speech may show us the way. Silence may protect us on many occasions. ©2020 Murali

The Disease of Underestimation

Image Courtesy : Shrink For The Shy Guy My friend and I were sitting at a restaurant near our house. After a few minutes, a person came and sat in front of us as there was a seat available and, immediately he ordered something. We were waiting eagerly, to have something very delicious. My friend started talking about the past and present. Meanwhile, the waiter delivered burgers to the other person who was sitting in front of us. Whenever he was devouring a piece, he made a big slurp which disturbed us a lot. I did … Continue reading The Disease of Underestimation

Don’t allow the issue to follow you

His superior ordered him to come down to head office at 4 pm today. Therefore, he looks very nervous.  Why did he call up? What will be the topic? His mind has been in a confused state from morning itself. He is the Branch Manager of the biggest organisation. A few days ago, one of his customers had come to his branch with issues. As a Branch head, he should have attempted to resolve the problem. But he sought 24 hours times and did nothing. The customer has already spoken to him twice over the phone in this regard. The customer must have gone to the head office and complained. He suspects the customer. At least his superior could have informed the reason. He looked at his watch. It shows 11.30 am. It’s awful. He should push nearly … Continue reading Don’t allow the issue to follow you

Embrace the discomfort

He had been working as a Sales Manager in a leading firm for five years with 20 members working under him. He joined as a Sales Executive and his pay was better than previous employment. Therefore, he was very much contented with this job. When he joined, he was working very hard and it was admired by the organisation. As a Sales executive, he produced many good things but as a Sales Manager, he miserably failed. The management was extremely kind and did not impose any action against him. But how long? Since his performances were sharply getting declined and there were no other alternatives to … Continue reading Embrace the discomfort

Everyday Expression #30

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash Preserve your successful experiences in your mind even if it is small. You can recall those nice experiences whenever you get frustrated on the battlefield. Those moments will undoubtedly thrust you to sustain in the battle till the end. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #28

Image Courtesy : Pixabay We have many paths in front of us to travel. Even though, we should be very cautious when choosing the path because all roads will not take us to the destination which we need. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #27

Photo by Alexei Scutari on Unsplash For a peaceful and pleasant journey, we should add what needs to be added and avoid what needs to be avoided. If we add too much weight, happiness may disappear. This applies to our life journey too. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #24

A saint was asked by a person "I do not know anything about life and there are no schools or colleges to teach about life. How can I learn and live my life?' The saint grinned and responded "you don't have to do anything special. Simply perform your duty. Life will teach you everything..... as it seemed to you that you should come here" ©2020 Murali

Physical and Emotional well-being

Well-being is not only associated with the physical health of a person but also connects with emotions. It is very important how a person maintains his physical health and how he expresses his emotions on success and failures. Though there are many well-beings, the most important two well-beings are discussed here. Physical well-being Nowadays many of us willing to work even for 18 or 20 hours per day. There is no ambiguity about our devotedness to work or business. We don’t want to waste our precious time if we want to make money. As a result, we are extremely occupied with our work from morning to evening. On the other hand, we have neglected one important thing i.e. to keep our health safely. Money is important to … Continue reading Physical and Emotional well-being