Lockdown Lessons

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash Many of us were striving to give up any practices or acquire any new things which are very essentials to lead a good life. But now everything is possible because of Corona. We can divide our life into two: B.C. and A.C. Therefore, Life Before Corona and After Corona. The lockdown has surely taught some lessons to many. The change we expected, almost arrived, I think. Unwanted to Essential First and foremost thing is unwanted or unnecessary expenditures. How can one lead his/her life economically? I think after sitting at home for many days, now everybody has learned this. Almost all of us have cut … Continue reading Lockdown Lessons

Don’t be in a hurry to reach

Image Courtesy : Asia Society He is Sunil who works as a Manager of an organisation and receiving a five-digit decent salary every month. He has to manage roughly about forty members who are under him. He joined this job six months ago. He was extremely delighted about his career graph which has risen to this level in the shortest time. But his happiness looks like clouds which will be disappeared anytime from now. The reason behind this quandary is, Sunil is unable to deliver things as his management expects. Since he lacks experience, some of his subordinates themselves have heckled him … Continue reading Don’t be in a hurry to reach

Benefits of Waking Up Early

" Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise " - Benjamin Franklin Photo by Federico Respini on Unsplash Rise up early in the morning is a little difficult for somebody whereas it is impossible for many. If you happen to go through some success stories of famous persons, it has been … Continue reading Benefits of Waking Up Early

Fake and Negative vs Real and Positive

Image Courtesy : IMDb Many of us watch the news on TV or read the news on paper to be acquainted with what is happening around the world. Some read news and do not comment on that. Some have their opinion on that news and get involved in argument or debate. There is nothing is wrong in arguing or debating but before that, we should substantiate whether we argue on true news or fake news. Fake News Hope you aware that there is fake news prevailing everywhere. In present days, when the news has been telecast, we need to have a fact check before it is distributed or discussed as it is going to be spread easily to others. But … Continue reading Fake and Negative vs Real and Positive

What is productivity?

Image Courtesy : Free Vector Art & Graphics What is productivity? If you think, it is about working without taking a break is pronounced productivity. That’s wrong, and in this way, it cannot be improved. Many people are working beyond their time. Some people work even on Sundays. I called one of my friends on a Sunday and enquired if we could meet. He said he was getting ready for his office. This information is not unusual for me because I have noticed some people went to work on Sundays. But that may be for one or two Sundays. There was no mandate for them to go on … Continue reading What is productivity?

Sometimes we have to say ‘no’

Image Courtesy : Lindsay Patterson Rajesh was a successful businessman. He could make many swift and the best decisions which were in favour of his organization. He was bestowed with various awards by many business associations. But he suffers a lot in his personal life as he was not able to say ‘no’ to his father. When his father compelled him to get married to a girl, he became so dumb. He was not interested to get married. But finally, he married the girl only to value his father’s words and he utilized the opportunity by showing his affection on his father. His munificence towards his father prevented him to express his desire or expectations on nuptial. At this moment, one year passed after his marriage, he goes to court to seek divorce and his life has … Continue reading Sometimes we have to say ‘no’

Everyday Expression #39

All of us like to share our problems with others if we have any. But don’t think that you have to share your worries with everyone because for some it may be entertainment. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #37

Image Courtesy : Etiqa Whenever you have a discussion with anybody,  just start with a smile. Smile has two benefits. One is, it will bring a relationship one step closer and another one is, it will reduce the friction if you have anything with the other person. But your smile should be genuine. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #36

We learn how to speak. In the same way, we must also learn to keep silence sometimes, because speech may show us the way. Silence may protect us on many occasions. ©2020 Murali

The Disease of Underestimation

Image Courtesy : Shrink For The Shy Guy My friend and I were sitting at a restaurant near our house. After a few minutes, a person came and sat in front of us as there was a seat available and, immediately he ordered something. We were waiting eagerly, to have something very delicious. My friend started talking about the past and present. Meanwhile, the waiter delivered burgers to the other person who was sitting in front of us. Whenever he was devouring a piece, he made a big slurp which disturbed us a lot. I did … Continue reading The Disease of Underestimation