Everyday Expression #36

We learn how to speak. In the same way, we must also learn to keep silence sometimes, because speech may show us the way. Silence may protect us on many occasions. ©2020 Murali


Everyday Expression #8

When elders guide us something it is better to give importance and take it to our mind. Otherwise, our life will undoubtedly teach us something later, but that may not be tolerable. ©2020 Murali


Corner Talks #2

He is a tailor aged about 55 years and maintains a tiny shop on his own. He did not possess any influential consumers initially when this shop started. Nevertheless, he managed with several small consumers, and he was quite comfortable servicing them in the best quality manner. He does not campaign for his trade for which he usually says, ‘If they like my work, they won’t go to any other shops. If they go to other shops, that means they are not contented with my work. I have to change myself.’ It … Continue reading Corner Talks #2


Everyday Expression #3

Whenever we have any conversation on important subjects with someone, we should communicate with facts. Otherwise, keep ourselves silenced because the information without authenticity is termed as a rumour. © 2020 Murali

Win Hearts

You can win others' hearts by your smile and humility, not by your arrogance or brilliance. ©2020 Murali

Humility brings..


An ostentatious behaviour would ostracize anyone from a group whereas humility would bring an amazing relationship. ©2020 Murali