Physical and Emotional well-being

Well-being is not only associated with the physical health of a person but also connects with emotions. It is very important how a person maintains his physical health and how he expresses his emotions on success and failures. Though there are many well-beings, the most important two well-beings are discussed here. Physical well-being Nowadays many of us willing to work even for 18 or 20 hours per day. There is no ambiguity about our devotedness to work or business. We don’t want to waste our precious time if we want to make money. As a result, we are extremely occupied with our work from morning to evening. On the other hand, we have neglected one important thing i.e. to keep our health safely. Money is important to … Continue reading Physical and Emotional well-being

Failures are good

I was travelling to Pune by train some years ago. A fellow passenger was sitting beside me who was reserved. As he was restless, I did not start talking to him. After some stations traversed, he took a notebook from his bag and started writing something. Suddenly he would stop writing and think something. He … Continue reading Failures are good

Everyday Expression #11

Image Courtesy : Lolly Daskal How to describe Confidence? Although nothing is right in our lives, we move because many of us frequently believe that one day everything will become alright. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #4

There is no obligation to be panic when we perceive a change in our life. Rather thrusting it out, we should espouse it because change is inevitable in this world.  © 2020 Murali

Enable Our Mind

Our own convictions themselves will drive us to the direction of solutions for our quandaries but seeking the opinion of others on the same will produce perturbation and further, it may weaken our firmness. ©2020 Murali

Ray of Hope

Your promising sign will bring a ray of hope in somebody’s life. A ray of hope is a spark but generates electrifying energy to travel many miles to make their journey of life extremely powerful. ©2020 Murali