The Disease of Underestimation

Image Courtesy : Shrink For The Shy Guy My friend and I were sitting at a restaurant near our house. After a few minutes, a person came and sat in front of us as there was a seat available and, immediately he ordered something. We were waiting eagerly, to have something very delicious. My friend started talking about the past and present. Meanwhile, the waiter delivered burgers to the other person who was sitting in front of us. Whenever he was devouring a piece, he made a big slurp which disturbed us a lot. I did … Continue reading The Disease of Underestimation

Everyday Expression #22

If you want to test the depth of a river, you must leap into the water. You cannot stand on the bank and measure. Similarly, we have to mingle with a person if we want to express our opinion on him. Otherwise, it is not appropriate to judge a person on our own conjectures. ©  2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #21

Some may not worry much about their own mistakes. Therefore, those who are willing to criticize and correct their own mistakes, they can be considered deserving of criticizing others'. ©2020 Murali

Corner Talks #3

He runs his own business in a suburban area of the city. He has been inviting me to his office for four months. So, I was waiting for him in the reception area. Till he arrived, I had a look at some remarkable photographs of his business projects. He is an exporter and he sends cardamom, rice and many more items to many countries. Within ten minutes he appeared and took me to his room. He was speaking more about his business. Suddenly, one of … Continue reading Corner Talks #3

Everyday Expression #17

Many said we can learn some lessons from every mistake of ours. If so, why are some mistakes repeated by us? Because we are capable of committing mistakes but unfortunately, we forget to learn the lessons.  ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #15

When somebody requests our opinion on something, we should keep them in our mind and take extra care because they may blindly follow our suggestions.  ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #14

The world is filled with free advice, but we should not spill our advice everywhere. It can be provided, only if someone demands it because our advice is priceless. ©2020 Murali

Failures are good

I was travelling to Pune by train some years ago. A fellow passenger was sitting beside me who was reserved. As he was restless, I did not start talking to him. After some stations traversed, he took a notebook from his bag and started writing something. Suddenly he would stop writing and think something. He … Continue reading Failures are good

Everyday Expression #11

Image Courtesy : Lolly Daskal How to describe Confidence? Although nothing is right in our lives, we move because many of us frequently believe that one day everything will become alright. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #10

We should be careful about relationships. Trust is a base for the relationships as bricks for a building. However, there are some variations. A building can be resumed if it gets collapsed. At the same time, some relationships cannot be if trust gets crushed. © 2020 Murali