Everyday Expression #19

Everybody requires solutions for their problems. However, some people run somewhere and search for solutions.  If they believe themselves positively, they will realise that the best solutions are only with them which means problems are with us and solutions too.    

©2020 Murali

15 thoughts on “Everyday Expression #19

  1. Murali, to thine own self be true… one should try to solve their own problems- this is where they’ll find the best solutions… act as a sounding board with your children. This will help them later on in life when solving problems. Excellent advice!

  2. Thank you, Murali, for a very helpful post. I agree that we must, as sdults, make our own decisions. Even children benefit from being given options and allowed to make choices. As they grow older, they can make more of their own decisions and become more independent.

    I believe that sometimes we need to research information and seek advice from several sources before making decisions. Beware of asking advice from anyone who feels that you must follow only the advice they have given you!

    I hope your day is going well. Cheryl

    1. Thank you very much,Cheryl. Your honest comments are really encouraging me to come with posts like this.

      Yes. You’re right. Seeking advice or solutions from others may force us follow them fully.

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