Physical and Emotional well-being

Well-being is not only associated with the physical health of a person but also connects with emotions. It is very important how a person maintains his physical health and how he expresses his emotions on success and failures. Though there are many well-beings, the most important two well-beings are discussed here.

Physical well-being

Nowadays many of us willing to work even for 18 or 20 hours per day. There is no ambiguity about our devotedness to work or business. We don’t want to waste our precious time if we want to make money. As a result, we are extremely occupied with our work from morning to evening. On the other hand, we have neglected one important thing i.e. to keep our health safely. Money is important to fulfil our needs, but at the same time, we need to give importance to our health too.

After a certain age, many of us catch physical problems because of our careless attitude on health. Though we create excellent wealth, one day it will become no use if we have to pay a huge amount of money to doctors. Since we don’t keep our health safely, our health ground develops into very weak.

Alright, what one must do for physical well-being?

We miss physical activities as we are wholly dependent on various machines which carry out our work. Those who want physical well-being, find at least an hour a day to perform any physical activity.


Rise up early: Rise up in the early morning is the best to any person as our mind is so fresh. Based on the person’s convenience, he/she can go for walking or jogging or perform yoga. To know more about the benefits of waking up in the early morning

Do not skip breakfast: Many doctors advised not to skip breakfast but many persons just having a glass of juice and leave for work or college. The juice is not a substitute of breakfast. Do not skip breakfast as it produces immense energy to our body, mind and it allows our body to work with power.

Consumption of beverages: We can have beverages like coffee, tea and fresh juices. In the morning one cup of coffee or tea is ok and the same can be followed after coming back from office in the evening. Fresh juice or any fruits can be taken, before mealtime.

Go to sleep early: Going to bed early is as important as rising up early. This will enable us to wake up early in the morning. Do not use mobile phones or laptops on the bed as it brings many troubles to our eyesight.

Emotional Well-being

It is very important that how a person expresses or controls his/her emotions. Emotional health is very much important for a person who can have control over his feelings, thoughts and behaviour. This is nothing but stress management.

Some people who know how to manage stress, feel emotionally healthy. But the person who does not know ends up with many problems like negative feelings, losing interest, and becomes directionless in life. This will create some dents on physical health too.

Tips to Improve emotional well-being
  • What makes you feel stress, frustrated or forcing you to feel negative? Try unearthing solutions for all of these. You yourself pat on your shoulder whenever you achieve any great things. This will surely diminish your negative feelings.
  • Keep yourself surrounded by people of positive thinkers. Try to ostracize yourself from a group which thinks negatively or discourage your endeavours.
  • Do not spend your whole time on your work. Try to find a balance between work and life.
  • Try to connect yourself with something which proffers you more pleasure.
  • Spend more time with your family and make them happy by taking them out.
  • Do not think about outcomes before you commit to doing anything. Therefore, think positively whenever you attempt to do anything.
  • Try to lead a meaningful life. This could be found by searching what is more important to you in this life and focus on it.
  • Always speak with a smile. It brings a wonderful relationship with others.

Your physical health should be protected by eating healthy items, exercising regularly and get sufficient sleep.

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17 thoughts on “Physical and Emotional well-being

  1. True, many people work too much and neglect their health. I live the tips you provide. These are important to get our energy up!

  2. Absolutely true! 👏 Finding balance between wealth and health is essential. We can’t neglect our physical well being in order to pursue financial gains. Plus, pursuing physical well-being allows one to be more productive at work. As your health prospers so does your wealth.

    1. I have seen many who are completely neglecting their health in order to make money. They don’t understand the importance of physical well-being.
      Thank you very much, Beck.

  3. Murali, thank you for writing about well-being. I think the takeaway for me is the importance of keeping work, exercise, and personal life in balance. This has always been a struggle for me. I hope your life is going well. Cheryl

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