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After I had published the post “Lockdown Lessons”, I went through some news about the pandemic in some newspapers. I got some interesting things for this week. This post may bring out some interesting incidents which happened or happening in this period. So, this can be treated as the continuity of the Lockdown Lessons.  

We live in the online era. When we are facing the plight of the pandemic, everything becomes online faster than ever. Wherever you see, there is online. Online classes, online court, online doctor, etc.,

Online Classes for School Students

Everybody enthusiastically attends online classes, it seems. There are two forty-minute classes for all school children. This may vary for higher secondary classes. Do the students attend these classes interestingly? Who knows? Parents do not want their children to waste their time sitting unproductively at home. So if truth be told parents are more interested in these classes than students.

In some online classes, parents also participate surreptitiously, and they find fault with the class after it gets over. So I believe teachers hate these online classes.

I got an image through WhatsApp some days ago. In an online class, a boy was playing on the bench, and his grandmother was attending the class sincerely. He may be studying a sixth or seventh standard. He made his grandma as a proxy for his classes. I could not control my laughing soon after I saw that image. If she does something naughty, will the boy get punished? I was wondering, how will these classes be described by the grandma to that boy? If any tests or exams are going to be conducted, who will write those? If he …sorry…she gets a good score, who will sign on the report card? Will this boy appreciate her and sign on the report card on behalf of his parents?


If everybody fixes ‘proxy’ everywhere, what will happen?

Let’s see some ‘proxies’ imaginatively.

In the same online class, if the class teacher has some work, the teacher’s mother can handle the class and start teaching something she knows. But if the students may feel this class is better, what could happen to the real teacher?

A thief could appeal the cop to keep someone else into the prison in the place of him. In that case what could be the reaction of the police? Who will be replacing the real thief? What if the real thief who went outside did not come? Will the police and court punish the substitute?

If a thief gets sick, who will go outside to steal something on behalf of him? Can he order his wife or son to purloin? If that is the case, will they be victorious in this ‘business’?

The famous cook works for a popular Hotel in the city. If he decides to bring someone to his place for some period of time, what kind of food will he prepare? Will it be scrumptious to everyone? Will everyone like that food?

If a reputed doctor handover an important surgery to his son, what would be the position of his patient? Will the patient patiently accept the offer or will he reject the offer and run away quickly?

The god finds the best devotee. If the devotee is made to sit at the god’s place and the god asked him to bless everyone, what the devotee will do exactly? If he does the good thing, will he be made to stay there permanently?

Apart from these proxies, we just move to other online. I read an article on Times of India, Dated 20th Sep 2020.

As we reviewed earlier, during this pandemic the entire court procedure was made online. Some of the advocates took advantage of just wearing a t-shirt and appeared before judges. Then one of the judges found this and condemned the advocate.

Another advocate was tasting biscuits when the trial was going on. The judge inquired about this soon after he found this ugly activity of the advocate. The advocate told the judge “I haven’t had time to have my breakfast as I have been appearing for cases for the past three hours.”

It has been okay until now. But the other incident may bring out a clear view of the so-called online things. When the trial was going on, an advocate lying down on the bed at his bedroom and participated in the trial. The honourable court did not allow this kind of doing of advocates.

These online activities are completely new to some people. Since they do not know how to act, the gaffe occurs. But if it persists for a long time, there would be some clear guidelines to attend this.

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  1. அருமையான பதிவு தொடர்ந்து எழுதவும். You Genius,

    1. உங்கள் பாராட்டுதலுக்கு நன்றி.🙏
      உங்கள் ஆதரவுடன் தொடர்ந்து எழுதுவேன்..

    2. The grandma attending the little boys class! 😂
      Isn’t that the truth… great post Muralikrish! It’s a serious point you bring up. The Online Age is a difficult one to navigate for sure—

  2. The whole proxy thing is both alarming and funny. People can be so creative. I’ve joked with my wife that I won’t know what to do when I have to wear shoes to teach again. Nice post.

  3. Murali, a very entertaining post that also makes a serious point! I am glad that the students do have safe access to education and do their best to take advantage of it. I think one thing has been proven though… Real life classes and trials will not be replaced by technology any time soon! <3 All the best! Cheryl

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