One Morning at My Friend’s House

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Actually, I love coffee so much, despite, I quit drinking coffee. Do you know why?? simply follow me.

It was a Sunday, after having heavy lunch, I slept for some time. I woke up at 4 o’clock. After waking up, as everybody does, I searched for my mobile phone too. It was under the pillow. I think a man sleeps, his cell phone doesn’t. (I should have used it for Everyday Expression.)There were seven missed calls. It was my friend who called up. It must have been an emergency. I called him back.

“No, no emergency. My car has got some problem. I don’t have any other vehicle. So, please come down to my house at 7.30 in the morning tomorrow and drop me near my office. Is it ok for you? Then how is your family?”. Shortly the conversation got disconnected. What a friend!! Neither he allowed me to speak nor did he expect the reply. No, please do not scold my friend. I caught what you think.  I decided to go tomorrow. 

I went to his house precisely at 7.30 am (I always maintain punctuality) My friend opened the door. He wore just a t-shirt and trouser. It simply told me that he was not ready, and I looked at him furiously. As he was able to read my mind, he was trying to pacify me.


“Come on in. Just ten minutes. I’ll get ready. Meanwhile, have some coffee.” Shortly he took a bath towel and went into the restroom. Nobody was there in the hall. The newspaper pages were dropped everywhere on the sofa. I picked some pages and sat. When I started reading, an old lady appeared from the room. She must be the mother of my friend. She came to me and questioned,

“I’m the mother of your friend. How are you, my son?”I opened my mouth to reply but another lady (she must be the wife of my friend) who came out and called my friend’s mother. Both went inside the kitchen and I was expecting the hot coffee outside. After some time, the old lady came and asked me,

“There’s no stock of sugar at home. We have to offer coffee for you. Can you please go out and get some sugar?”

I told her with a smile “No. it’s alright. We’ll leave within ten minutes and have coffee outside.” 

“He..?. He normally takes half an hour if goes to the restroom.” That time she looked at the restroom. “You are the guest. We should offer at least coffee to our guests. That’s our culture. So, please get some sugar. You can have wonderful coffee.”

I could not refuse anymore. So, I went out to buy some sugar. Have you ever heard this that the guest himself went out to buy sugar for having a cup of coffee at the host’s houseOk, ok I can get your inner voice. Please control your laughing.

‘It’s all my fate. Do you need this? I should’ve said ‘no’ to him yesterday itself’. Look at my pathetic condition. I am talking to myself. By this time he would be ready. I’ll give this sugar and should leave immediately.

I came back with sugar. That’s when my friend came out of the restroom. ‘What’s happening over here?’ I sat on the sofa after giving the sugar to his mother. Meantime, the two cute children of my friend prepared to go to school. Both came and sat beside me. I investigated them about their school and classes. I should have avoided the last question. What to do? ‘There’s no enemy outside. I myself an enemy for me. My question was,

“Who will drop you at school?” Without thinking much they showed me. What is this? Could I have asked any other thing? It’s getting late for me. No way. I can’t drop them at school. My friend almost got ready, and he requested me, “Please drop them at school. I’ll have to wear a tie and shoes.”

Is there any way to escape? Don’t know. So I dropped them at school and came back. This time my friend really got ready. I dropped him at his office, and I started driving to my workplace. I got hectic work at the office today. Hence, I had lunch at 3 pm. Actually speaking my friend is good …

Wait..wait.The phone is ringing. That’s my friend again.

“I’ll finish my work at 6‘o clock in the evening. You come and drop me at home.”

“Hello…Hello…” I think I have got some problem with my mobile phone.

I could understand why you are laughing now. What to do? Have you noticed one thing? This morning I myself went and bought some sugar for coffee however, I didn’t get coffee. That’s why I quit drinking… 

47 thoughts on “One Morning at My Friend’s House

  1. I was laughing with you not at you. This would be a funny scene in a movie. Thank you for making me laugh. Oh, by the way, I’m having some trouble with my car……..

  2. haha! i sympathize with you. you are a true friend. sometimes too good that some people will take advantage of. i like you to be my friend. i have plenty of coffee at home.

  3. That’s what friends are for! You extended your help, all for a Cup of coffee! Hope it comes back to you a thousand times in the time of need! Keep blogging… Life is about learning to live

  4. Murali, is this fiction? No, I don’t think so…As they say, “You can’t make this stuff up!” Forgive me for laughing at your plight! Maybe, now that it’s all over and you have avoided a repeat performance, you are laughing too. Absurd! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Cheryl

  5. OH my gosh!!! Really?!! Is this true? You are an amazing friend. I say bring coffee back into Your life and keep Your cell phone selectively broken when Your very chaotic friend calls again! Thanks for the laugh! You really are a very kind person!!! 😅

    1. Thanks very much for your kind words.
      Thanks for your advice on coffee and cell phone.😂🤣
      And it’s not just coffee. I always call it as “Energy Drink”😁

  6. This is funny! 😁 oh my goodness, I would have chocked my friend out especially because the prize was coffee with none to be had!!! Great story 👏 I appreciate you making me smile this morning. Blessings to your day (and hopefully you will indeed get some coffee… eventually)

      1. Oh my word! Do I like coffee ?! It’s not a matter of liking it so much as the fact that I can’t function without it! 😂

          1. The very first blog post I ever wrote was about coffee and my desperate need for it! 😆 it is definitely ‘go juice’ for me…

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