Everyday Expression #22

If you want to test the depth of a river, you must leap into the water. You cannot stand on the bank and measure. Similarly, we have to mingle with a person if we want to express our opinion on him. Otherwise, it is not appropriate to judge a person on our own conjectures.

©  2020 Murali


22 thoughts on “Everyday Expression #22

  1. This is so deep, and so true! I believe that our spirits are like water. So, as we interact with someone in a way that goes beyond superficiality, it really is like tasting of a river. I really like this post, thank you!

  2. Murali, thank you for this helpful post. Too often people rush to judge others without fully understanding the circumstances. If they followed your advice, many unnecessary misunderstandings could be avoided. All the best! Cheryl

  3. This is absolutely true and applies to many things in life too. Take books, for instance… I’ve had people give me their opinion and even argue about a book but when I say ‘Have you read it?” The answer is no. I’m always shocked. How in the world can you form an opinion of someone or something unless you have given it your time and attention? It breeds confusion and misunderstanding otherwise. Great one!

    1. Yes, Beck. You’re absolutely right. People delighted much when they say ‘know everything’. The irony is that some would argue as if they know everything. Hope you’re safe at your place.

      Thank you very much.

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