Lockdown Lessons

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Many of us were striving to give up any practices or acquire any new things which are very essentials to lead a good life. But now everything is possible because of Corona. We can divide our life into two: B.C. and A.C. Therefore, Life Before Corona and After Corona. The lockdown has surely taught some lessons to many. The change we expected, almost arrived, I think.

Unwanted to Essential

First and foremost thing is unwanted or unnecessary expenditures. How can one lead his/her life economically? I think after sitting at home for many days, now everybody has learned this. Almost all of us have cut down our expenses which were considered as very essential six months ago. Now it is known as ‘unwanted’.

He is my acquaintance. He used to purchase many items through online shopping. Whatever he discovers on the website, his hands were itching to buy them immediately. He was unable to prevent himself from buying items which were not useful. The items which were bought by him would get disappeared from his eyesight after two or three days because the longing of using the new items would go off.

Some days back when I was chatting with him over the phone, I questioned him about his online purchases. He told me,


“I have totally stopped online shopping. Now I realized. I have purchased many unnecessary things so far. Nobody is using those things now. After some time it will be tossed into the dustbin. My salary has been cut by fifty percentages due to COVID. Within this amount of money, I have to take care of my family. I’m sure COVID has done much damage for many. On the other hand, it has taught powerful lessons for people like me. Many of my friends advised not to buy these items but, I didn’t listen then.”

Earlier whoever had money went to the supermarket and ordered everything they saw and accumulated things like a mountain at home. Now the purchasing has been budgeted. Before visiting a supermarket a list of items is being prepared and they purchase as per the list.

Many people who used to visit restaurants on a weekly basis. Now though it is very challenging, they are able to control themselves by not visiting any.  

Apart from this, many lost their jobs. It is unfortunate. No one can deny that without a job, it is highly difficult for a person to run his life smoothly. Even here, some had problems initially, but they fought with determination and got a job again. They did not allow themselves to sit futile at home.

On the Health Ground

Now everybody wishes to maintain their fitness properly. It is good to see many people started taking care of themselves which can be seen visually. Earlier the person, who did not go for walking or jogging, now is performing some physical activities.

People know very well that they have to wash their hands properly when coming back home once they go outside. Social distancing is the only thing which is difficult for people to put into practice. In a crowded place, they are unable to follow this social distancing. But will gradually become familiar to that too, it seems.

So the Corona creates some amount of awareness on health.

The Relationships

All of us were busy before Corona. Many almost abandoned our relationships. No visits. No exchange of words. Now this lockdown facilitates the way to strengthen those relationships. Some communicated their emotions well with their dear and near during this pandemic. They did not know what was to be done when they got leisure time. So they called each other, though not able to meet since lockdown was in place. The Corona has brought back the strong old relationships.

So, crucial things are back in our life. Corona has taught many lessons like this as a teacher. Hence, it has become mandatory that we can buy many things but only if needed.  It is really a remarkable change for all of us. One thing is sure that these lessons should be kept in our mind forever. The Corona will disappear from our life, but these good qualities of us should not disappear.

28 thoughts on “Lockdown Lessons

  1. Waw..profound thoughts 😊👍🏻..yes it’s teaching us all great lessons..you know it made my self to do a post on the same..but this one is brilliant 😊

  2. Yes this situation has some negative side but surely it has some positive sides too. It depends on how we look. Myself and children took some online courses I also published an online course I never imagined about that. Happened only because of this situation.

  3. Love this Murali.. B.C. and A.C. Clever.. Yes indeed I have saved tons of money only buying essentials … Food & Wine. lol! One could argue wine isn’t essential.
    I actually LOVE this as I truly need nothing but do like to support the economy and feel bad for businesses!!! Thanks for the great post. ❤️ Cindy

  4. Murali, a very interesting and helpful post. As much as the world has suffered, we should not lose the wisdom and experience we have gained. 🙂 I personally appreciate the opportunity to write more and to get such insightul feedback from other bloggers. <3 Best wishes, Cheryl

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