Everyday Expression #24

A saint was asked by a person “I do not know anything about life and there are no schools or colleges to teach about life. How can I learn and live my life?’

The saint grinned and responded “you don’t have to do anything special. Simply perform your duty. Life will teach you everything….. as it seemed to you that you should come here”

©2020 Murali


11 thoughts on “Everyday Expression #24

  1. An interesting post because I just now gave that same advice to an adolescent. It was to learn life skills by setting goals and establishing a daily routine. This individual has parents and I was concerned because they should not have to ask strangers to help them learn basic life skills.

    Some parents get caught up in being an authority figure and punish their children instead of helping them.

    Hopefully, there is an abundance of saints out there who are willing to help.

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