Learn the missed, now

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The whole universe is handling the immense pressure of the pandemic. This pandemic produced more predicaments not only for individuals but also for many countries. The country knows how to bring back the economy on track but individuals do not have any thought about how to cope with this pandemic.

Regular life got interrupted for many due to this pandemic. Many a person lost their jobs and many face decrement in their salaries. Nobody knows when this pandemic would get vanished from our life. It is evident that many experienced a lesson to handle the situation in this rough period. If truth be told, this pandemic has opened the other door of opportunity. If we think out of the box, we can change our lives in the other direction which will produce prosperity.

In what way, can we make this period beneficial?

A lot of people would have had a lot of dreams. However, they would not know how to fulfill them. Prior to the pandemic, we would have missed a chance to learn many new things because of our busy schedules. But now, this pandemic itself gives more opportunities to learn new things which may help somebody in shaping their life in an additional way.


Let’s see what the ways are.

Learning New Languages: Learning a new language is always very exciting because it provides a new sound to our ears and vocabulary to our mind and moreover new language will give more power to face a stranger in our life. There are many languages to be learnt i.e., Spanish, English, Japanese, French, etc., if your time permits, you can learn more than one. Since it is available online, it could be easy to learn.

New Dishes to Cook: Many a person knows how to cook new dishes, but there was no time to go about any trials of that. Since most people work from home, they could endeavor new dishes at home. If the dishes are good and the person knows the nitty-gritty of the dishes, it can be uploaded on YouTube with ‘Know-how ‘.

Know how to drive or ride: Driving is a passion for many. Even it is a two-wheeler, and somebody wants to ride it. If you had known how to a ride two-wheeler, in an emergency, it will definitely be helpful. Driving alone delivers a lot of new opportunities for many people. In your leisure, you can drop someone at the airport or railway station or wherever they want even by their car itself. You can charge some fee for this service. I know some people who spend their time doing this.

Learning Music: It is great to learn any kind of music. If you prefer music, there are many kinds to learn. We do not need to stop with one thing. You can learn the vocal or any instruments but be with music. Music always gives a good feeling, creates an excellent atmosphere and it also connects people. Who doesn’t love music? If you had known music already, perform, take a video of the same and upload it on YouTube.

Clean the unwanted: We would have collected many items for many years. When we purchased it, we had thought that it would be nice and valuable. But after some days spent, we have come to know, these many objects are unused and kept for many days as it is. Now it is the right time to clean all unwanted items which we have been acquiring.

There are many things to learn like this. Learning anything is always such a fun and meaningful exercise. Who knows? You may get a chance to do something great in the field of what you have learnt. So the most important thing is we should always open our minds and be enthusiastic to learn new things. It may shape our lives tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Learn the missed, now

    1. This time is challenging but if we come out with strong ability, we will be able to achieve many things. Our hidden potential will come out…
      Thanks for your comment and I am doing well.Thanks. How about you Cindy?

      1. Yes, you are so right Murali!!! In the grand theme of things this is only an opportunity to clear out what isn’t necessary and strengthen our resolve to care and focuse on what matters most, I agree. You are so welcome. I am doing well, thanks and glad to see you are also. ❤️

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