It’s Better Not To Have An Argument

Do not disturb your mind by vain arguments.

Swami Vivekananda

Anything can bring happiness to you, but an argument doesn’t. Every one of us enjoys it when we have an argument with somebody. We naturally want to suppress the opponent by throwing many statistical points related to the argument. In the end, it is terribly difficult to pronounce who wins or loses because any kind of argument will end up silently without identifying the winner because no argument will have an end.

Except for a few, many arguments go like this. We argue for many things, in turn, are we receiving any benefits? 

Just think about this. There are no benefits out of this argument, and no time limit, does not create awareness, does not give any productive outcome, and no clear cut winning position. Subsequently, why do we have an argument? The argument is a never-ending game. If you carry a smile on your face, it will be good whenever you say this.and on…and on… Here one thing must be noticed by everyone that an argument may turn into a brawl anytime. We can forget about the benefits, but we have to think about relationships. Can anyone say arguments are healthy? And it produces extremely valuable relationships. I don’t think so.

Instead of bringing a healthy and strong relationships, the argument creates severe hiatus among relationships. We all are keenly interested to have an 
argument or at least maybe a spectator of any argument. Have we ever noticed the relationship between those who participated in the argument? Since either side of the argument wants to win, at one stage it will become an extremely prestigious issue for both of them. No one will be prepared to give up. Though they may argue with factual details and statistical, it will be very difficult to satisfy the opponent. They will argue that they are right whatever they express. At this juncture, how to bring an end to this? Either one of the people has to say ‘goodbye’ to this and bring to an end. Otherwise, any third person should come into the picture and try finding the way out. 


Everyone wants to win the argument. If we want to have peace, good neighbors around you, and a nice relationship, then we should consider stopping argument. Arguments never dole out the purpose. Many persons have an argument on political leaders or any political party. We should think about the scenario once the argument is getting over. Several relationships turned into a negative because of the futile arguments. You will feel inferior if you exactly recollect those words, phrases, sentences which you have used for winning the argument. When we enjoy the argument, we forget about the repercussions of the argument. Therefore, everyone can come to the conclusion that no one can win the argument. If you look at these arguments as an outsider, it will surely exasperate you when others are involving themselves in an argument.

Various researchers say the argument generates a big dent in mind and in the relationships which are irreparable for long days. This argument produces a clear way out to have an aversion to the other person. 

If you want to win the argument, better not to entertain it.

Why should one avoid arguments?

  • It does not create any awareness.
  • It does not bring out any productive outcome.
  • It assassinates one’s precious time.
  • The relationships face hiatus for a longer period and sometimes it turns out to be a huge scar that will not disappear promptly.
  • It has more negatives than positives. It does not allure anybody. 
  • Whoever argues they think that they are always right.

As it does not produce any happiness for anybody and to safeguard the relationships, we should investigate ways to avoid arguments. 

How to avoid arguments?

  • If anybody introduces an argument, you can say ‘sorry, I am not interested to argue’ and move out immediately but politely. If you carry a smile on your face, it will be good whenever you say this. 
  • You can straightaway say.‘I normally don’t argue with anybody,’
  • You can maintain silence when another person articulates something.
  • You can express your inability to carry the argument by saying ‘I don’t have much knowledge about this.’

We can’t please anybody by arguing. On this planet no human being is perfect. All have some blemish. If we start finding faults and argue, we cannot retain the most contented life. We have to choose happiness in pursuing relationships over winning the argument.

©2020 Murali

35 thoughts on “It’s Better Not To Have An Argument

  1. Interesting blog you have here. I particularly like your sentiment about “characters” in your life rather than people. And I think your commentary on the achievements and successes one obtains in life could greatly benefit the violent mob and those supporting their destruction of America today.

  2. That is so much true, Muralikrish. It is only in rare situations when the discussion is actually fun – when you are kind of “playing” it, with humour, friendly, enjoyment. Or when you think it is necessary, because it is very important or a point of principle for you. Great post, thank you very much! 🙂
    Wishing you an inspiring and positive week 🙂

  3. I especially like the phrase “It assassinates one’s precious time.” I will remind myself of this phrase next time I find myself in an argument. Thank you!

    1. It’s a great honour for my writing.
      Thank you very much for your appreciation.
      Keep commenting. Your comments are symbol of encouragement and it will bring the best out of me.

  4. I actually hate arguing. I much prefer peace, but of course sometimes when someone is wrong it’s difficult not to say so if it’s really important. Not always easy to avoid, but definitely better not to argue.

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