How to Remove Negative Thoughts?

“The greatest sin is to think yourself weak ” – Swami Vivekananda

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Negative thoughts are quite serious, and it does not enable us to advance in life. It will destroy every attempt of ours, and the worst-case scenario is sometimes even effort is not allowed by negative thoughts. Negative thoughts encourage distraction and deflect our projects. Regrettably, it does not have any path but will generate many barriers on one’s path.

If we examine negative thoughts, it is a mind game which can be controlled or effectively defeated by a man who wants to accomplish many goals in his life. If we certainly wish to purge the negative thoughts from our mind, we need to get into a consistent practice. There are eight essential and powerful points to discuss.

Let us discuss one by one.

Rise up early in the morning

Waking up early in the morning is something meaningful for our mind and body. Hence, it provides complete strength to our mind as it is so fresh. So we can draw out our future activities at a particular time. Apart from this, we can go for some physical activities like yoga, walking and jogging. To know more about the benefits of rising up early in the morning please click this link to read my earlier post –

Mingle with likeminded people

If we think positively, it should be greeted by others who are with us closely. If we are encircled by a group or a person who usually impedes our programs, we easily lose our mind power. It will force us to think negatively and produce countless of mayhem in our life. The positive thinkers will not discourage preferably they will furnish an alternative plan and strengthen us.

Ostracize the negative forces

Negative force is not only a group of men but also other external factors like television, social media, etc., we are influenced profoundly by these factors negatively. These forces should be ostracized from our life immediately as they are capable of building obstacles on our path.


Read success stories

We try making this a habitual of reading success stories of a prominent person or our role model. We will come to know the method of how much they strived hard in their life and how emphatically they surpassed them. If we read these sort of stories frequently, our positive energy can be sustained at a high level. These stories will definitely create a massive level of confidence, and it will never pull us down.

Do the job; do not assume the results

We should not dive into the results soon after we start the job or any project. In many circumstances we have to say ourselves the following   β€˜I can do it. I can achieve it. I have all the capability by mind and body to attain my goal.’

Get into our life in a systematic way

Early to bed and early to rise. According to this is maxim going to sleep early is as much vital as a wake up early in the morning. Therefore, when we get adequate sleep, we will be able to put our brain under rest for some time in order to work strenuously on the following day. We should avoid unnecessary programmes on television.

Keep our goal attainable

Since many of us wish to achieve something in our life, undoubtedly we should know our strengths and weaknesses before setting the goal to achieve. If we set our goal exceeding our limitations, then we surely will get disheartened. The goal which we set should be attainable by us for which a thorough analysis must be done. All our pluses and minuses should be taken care of.

Bring assertiveness

We should try bringing more assertiveness in our regular activities gradually. It means we express our thoughts, feelings and beliefs with a positive tone when we interact with others.

These eight points are key points which can be pursued on a regular basis to hit our negative thoughts.

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22 thoughts on “How to Remove Negative Thoughts?

  1. All this will usually not help people with trauma or severe major depressions. And the negativity in these cases is related to very negative emotions first of all which are unfortumately simply stronger than our thoughts. Cheers.

  2. Murali, as usual, a lot of good advice for those wanting to lead a purposeful life! Being focused on goals is important. It is also important to have times of reflection and doing nothing. Being too goal-driven kills creativity. As you suggest, walking or yoga may be helpful.

    Take care.


  3. These are very practical and good points. I have always believed that ‘how to’ words are better than fancy allegories which don’t leave you any wiser. A very good post

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