Fake and Negative vs Real and Positive

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Many of us watch the news on TV or read the news on paper to be acquainted with what is happening around the world. Some read news and do not comment on that. Some have their opinion on that news and get involved in argument or debate. There is nothing is wrong in arguing or debating but before that, we should substantiate whether we argue on true news or fake news.

Fake News

Hope you aware that there is fake news prevailing everywhere. In present days, when the news has been telecast, we need to have a fact check before it is distributed or discussed as it is going to be spread easily to others. But unfortunately, the so-called ‘news’ runs everywhere and becomes ‘real‘ before people have a check on that.

In recent years fake news culture becomes an annoyance to this society. Just imagine thirty years ago there was no this much fake news because there were no many news channels and social media. Now we carry many channels on our pocket in the name of Smartphone.

Negative News

There was news about the ongoing pandemic on some news channels. Almost all the news channels telecast the news about the pandemic with affected numbers worldwide and country wise. Whenever they started reading news, they start with the total number of patients affected due to this Covid-19. Why can’t they talk about the number of patients who got recovered until yesterday?

Another programme is a reality show. More importantly, there isn’t any reality in that. When you watch those, suddenly, your TV screen will become black-white. If you believe that you have got any problem with your TV set, that’s wrong. Sometime we will be made fools by some channels like this. Any of the participants if not performing well in the contest, he or she has to be out of the programme. That time the TV screen colour will change. Everyone including viewers have to shed tears and feel emotional. Therefore, viewers are connecting themselves with the participant emotionally.


Why do channels and newspaper do this?

More numbers and more competition: There are many channels available for viewers. So naturally, there is a competition among channels. If there is news without any sensations, who will watch? There will be no one. If the same news is completely sensationalized, everyone will watch. So channels and newspapers captured our mind.

In the past, there was a competition among channels who would present the news first. But now there is a competition that is who present the fake news first?

Nowadays, most of the people are not watching or reading entertainment-oriented news or programmes. They simply watch these news channels because these are becoming 100% entertainment channels.

If it is confirmed that the news which has been telecast or printed was fake, no channels are prepared to admit it. In this regard, there would be no announcement or an apology from the channel’s side. It appears that the channels endeavour much to create a persuasion. 
Here, after it is cooked, it is being telecast.

Social Media

We must speak about this. Though it is exceptionally advantageous to keep in touch with our dear and near, we cannot disclaim that it also plays an influential role in spreading fake and negative news. Since more number of people uses social media through their mobile phones, when people receive messages through social media, unfortunately without doing any fact check they forward to others. At least it can be discussed with the known circles before it is disseminated to others. The regrettable thing about this is many forward the messages without knowing the authenticity.

Why do people get attracted by Fake and Negative News?

This is a game with our mind. The human mind is very tricky which will think and take the negative instantly rather than the positive and this mind always expects anything that is sensational. Bear in mind the news or show is delivered as per our curiosity. Hence, Our mind should be controlled when we receive anything which is sensational.

Furthermore, time is running fast. All seem to be occupied with their work. In which, people do not have time to check the veracity of the news. Many do not read the full message but forward to their group.

How to stay away from these?

When people get messages, do not rush to forward immediately. If we don’t have enough time, we can wait till get a convenient time to read the full message. Then, if we have any suspicions on those, we could discuss with some knowledgeable persons before forwarding. 

As far as TV and newspaper are concerned, we could stop watching or subscribing those channels and newspapers. When channels and newspapers do not get the support of the people, they will have to modify their activities towards publishing or telecasting true news.

We need to regard it as gossip until it is affirmed valid.

24 thoughts on “Fake and Negative vs Real and Positive

      1. My pleasure, Muralikrish!!! Such a thought provoking post! A very dear friend of mine reads about 10 different publications a day….ALL from extremely varied points of view politically in order to ultimately form her opinion. My brain would melt. She works full time and is very involved with her family….but she makes time to do this for the very reasons that You state. She has to be the most informed person I’ve ever met. SO cool of her….yet crazy that that’s what it’s come to! Not everyone has the time/kind of brain to wade through all the “opinion” and “fake” news to get to the heart of the matter. Sigh!

  1. Great post Muralikrish. I don’t listen/ watch much news. It’s just too negative for me. I try to research and listen to multiple sources when I do feel the need to be informed on something.

  2. Good Post Murali! Fake news, negative news, influencer news it all is hard to decipher anymore and i personally have to read more and more and different sites to sit back and listen to my own truth. There are certain truths I just listen to from my gut and it genterall doesnt lie. If I have a viseral reaction and messages arfe mean spirtied, vulgar an d offensive…. I have my answer.
    ❤️ Cindy. I hope you are well!

  3. World will become peace place to live if all news media becomes honest. I am not watching news, children will see cartoons in YouTube on our TV or sometimes I see old melody songs but somehow news is reaching us in some form. I am not at all using Facebook. But my father is very interested in that through him only I am knowing all the incidents mentioned above. Otherwise nothing wrong in living without watching news, it is good.

  4. In America, at least, it seems like the news has gone through three phases in my lifetime:

    There was the 40s and 50s Walter Cronkite generation, who truly saw being a reporter as providing a public service.

    In the 70s, after Woodward and Bernstein broke the Watergate scandal, we saw the Geraldo Rivera era where news reporting was seen as a venue for personal fame and fortune.

    Then, around the time of the new millennium, Fox news saw dollar signs and began using news as a means to generate corporate profit. People will pay a lot of money to be told what they want to hear, and they are more than happy to take their money.

    And, here we are now, in a time where people can’t tell the difference between a fact and an opinion. I don’t think democracy can survive that.

    1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s really very sad to see all these things. People mindset is being changed by using social media. All paid news.

      Anyway thanks for your comment.

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