Failures are good

I was travelling to Pune by train some years ago. A fellow passenger was sitting beside me who was reserved. As he was restless, I did not start talking to him. After some stations traversed, he took a notebook from his bag and started writing something. Suddenly he would stop writing and think something. He would again start writing. Just as, it went for five or six times. Quickly he turned towards me and asked “Sir, do you have a pen?” I gave my pen to him. Exactly after fifteen minutes, he returned my pen and said “thanks.”

This time I wanted to interact with him, so, I said “it’s ok. Do you write diary every day?”

He grinned and told me “No sir, I write my failures on the notebook.”

Everyone usually writes their success stories. But he is…

His response surprised me a created curiosity. Before I asked him, he had begun. “I work as a Marketing Executive in an MNC. Eight months ago when I joined this job, I didn’t understand anything about marketing. Target, client, appointments and review meeting all these words were new to me. The first fifteen days went on learning the work. After some days spent, I had an opinion that I was unfit to this job. Hence, I wanted to quit. Meanwhile, I was able to complete two months on the job.


I couldn’t fetch good business to my organisation in the third month despite arduous attempt. Let me tell you. I literally made up my mind to say goodbye once for all. I was asked about the reasons for my non-performance. While I was describing my efforts, I was obstructed by my superior.

He said to me” this is not the place to store your failures one by one. Do you know one thing? There is no column for the effort of the loser like you. If you succeed, you will be invited to demonstrate. That’s when you can talk about your failures and success. Not now.”

That moment I decided to stay back and took a pledge that I should go out as a winner, not a loser. Hence, I didn’t waste even a minute and I worked hard towards achieving the target. One day I’ll deliver my speech as a winner. For the reason, I have been documenting my failures as they are my inspiration and lessons for newcomers”

When he finished talking, I felt energetic. That is to say, it was an electrifying moment for me as he spoke with a lot of confidence especially, the last few lines. I believe he will deliver his speech as a winner. What do you say?

31 thoughts on “Failures are good

  1. Thank you for this thought-provoking story. It sounds as if the man on the train is in sales, a difficult and demanding career for most people. For those who are suited to sales, I think they find the work exhilarating. I wish the man you met the best of luck!

    Take care, Murali!


  2. Failures are good. They give you a purpose to make yourself a success. But it is building on the successes that is hard. People get complacent basking in success. Thus failures are always meant to be remembered to act as a source of motivation.

  3. I think knowing your failure is key to success. Once a disciple asked his master monk. “Master where have you learned wisdom from ” . Master replied from the fool. Disciple said how , master replied I use to watch fool daily, what i learned from fool was that what he was doing. Master said I didn’t did that , what fool was doing.
    Until you don’t know failure you will not know what success is .

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