Embrace the discomfort

He had been working as a Sales Manager in a leading firm for five years with 20 members working under him. He joined as a Sales Executive and his pay was better than previous employment. Therefore, he was very much contented with this job. When he joined, he was working very hard and it was admired by the organisation. As a Sales executive, he produced many good things but as a Sales Manager, he miserably failed. The management was extremely kind and did not impose any action against him. But how long? Since his performances were sharply getting declined and there were no other alternatives to the management. So finally, one day he was shown the door.

Let us see another incident. She does not want to visit any of her relatives. Many of her relatives invited her to their house for lunch or any party or get together. But she refused to go there. If it is inevitable, she would go and come back as quick as possible. The primary reason behind this activity of her is, without air conditioner she cannot stay for a long time. She had an extraordinary relationship with her relatives before purchasing the air-conditioner. But now her body completely accustomed to this machine which spoils her natural behaviour. Right now it is evident that without this equipment she cannot sit or stand even for a minute.

These two aforesaid incidents clearly represent people’s mentality and how this sophisticated life makes them behave. This is because they entered into a world that gives beyond basic amenities to their life. Before getting into this type of life, they would struggle a lot. In the first example, as a Sales Executive, he was good. The moment he was promoted as Sales Manager with a team, He failed. Why? He thought he reached a comfortable position and overlooked all of his obligations concerning the job.

In the second instance, she believes, her present life should not be disturbed by anything which brings discomfort to her. This forced her into a state that which is irreversible. She is solely responsible for this because she invited all these difficulties.

Both incidents have revealed the picture of the comfort zone where people lived and not equipped to come back to the discomfort zone. A person struggled a lot to reach a comfortable level. This is fair. But this pleasant life prevents them from doing good. Destroy relationships. It does not allow them to put much effort to achieve. 


It will not allow them to strive anything new. People who are accustomed to comfortable positions may have to suffer a lot in the future when they meet any unpleasant situation in their life. This is a self-satisfied level and not good for them who want to pursue their career very effectively. Unless they set any target for the next stage and chase it, this comfortability will definitely make them lazy physically and mentally as well.

In contrast, the discomfort will make them stronger and stronger and give an enormous energy to face any kind of obstacles physically or mentally. Discomfort propels them to think innovatively and develop many paths to success. This will make them act concentrated and it is worthy to have the confidence to strive hard in a proper direction. Those who are in comfort zone try to embrace discomfort to accomplish goals. Come out of the comfort zone and have sustainable growth.

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45 thoughts on “Embrace the discomfort

  1. Florida’s population only began to grow after the invention of air conditioning. Those early Floridians were a very hardy lot! Most of us who live here now do not spend every waking hour in air conditioning, though.

    Thank you Murali for this very wise post I agree that our comfort zone can be the enemy. Cheryl

  2. I am expert in this, cluster headaches since 2000, fortunately heavy clusters actually not very often (2014, 2017 and right now again) and then usually for 6 weeks. They are also called destruction headaches, and this is what really happens.

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