Embrace the discomfort-2

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This is a continuance of embrace the discomfort.

I met him near the restaurant after some years. We inquired about each other’s well-being. He invited me to the restaurant for having breakfast. I was hungry, so, I did not say anything but accepted his offer instantly. Since I was not so picky, I left him the decision of deciding the dishes. 

After ordering, he started telling “I’m in fact not excited to live in this area. I want to shift my residence to a good area like where you inhabit. I have been hunting for many houses for more than nine months, but I couldn’t get anything as per my interest.”

 I asked him whether I would search for a house for him. He quickly said, “no…no… I can’t commute 20 km to go to my office every day. “


“If so, then which one is proper for you,” I asked him.

“I could travel a maximum of five km per day, and I won’t let my daughter travel more than five km per day to reach her school. Then I need a railway station or bus terminus within a two-km radius. If there is any taxi stand nearby my house, it would be fine. These are my expectations.”

I started reconsidering my decision to look for a house for him. You may be astonished at my decision to abandon the idea and further you may ask me ‘what’s wrong with his idea?’

One of his demands can be justified. That is, the school should be nearby his house. I think he himself cannot justify his other demands. We can demand or expect that everything should be available near the house, but we should compromise ourselves at one point in time to live with what we get. If you keep on searching for a house with a list of expectations, I think there is no end to searching. We can get all services available near our house, but the house does not look nice. If we look for a wonderful house, we should get settled with the available conveniences. All do not get all. Since the houses did not have all amenities as he imagines, he has been dragging this for more than nine months. Basic amenities should be there. I do not deny it but all amenities cannot be incorporated in the basic.

We can expect schools and hospitals near our house because children and old age people should not have trouble traveling a long distance. If a middle-aged person travels one or two kilometers more every day, nothing would occur.

In the beginning, we demand small things like shops and bus terminus near our house but in the next stage slowly our expectations get up to the peak and expect almost all things should be available nearest our house.      

In today’s scenario, we can easily count those who do not possess a two-wheeler. If we look at it in more detail, there are some people who own cars too. Despite that, many people expect many things near their house. We do not understand what we need when looking for a house for rent or owning. Just like this, one of my acquaintances got everything near his house. He does not need to travel much for anything because on the parallel street there is a school. If he comes out of the house and walks a few steps farther there is a shop which sells almost everything. Similarly, there are a hospital, railway station, and bus terminus near the house. Unfortunately, he forgot that there was a park near his house. Those who do not reside near the park too, visiting very regularly to perform yoga, exercises, etc., He has not visited once that park. Everything is close to his house. So what did he achieve? His achievement is that he has become obese and forgotten to stretch his body regularly.

It is not important that hospitals and railway stations are nearby. But how we protect our health is also important.

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