Don’t Let Your Passions Die

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He is the Managing Director of a company. He is also a President of the Volleyball federation, and he is a motivational speaker too. He is invited by many colleges to deliver a speech. He would articulate among students about how to write exams without fear and how to choose their career once they complete their studies.

He would also suggest the choices that are available for the students who think about higher studies after finishing their college studies.

His communications generate more vibrations among students at colleges. Since he cites real incidents from his life, it goes into their minds very easily. So naturally, his speech is welcomed by them.

When he was studying at college, his passion was becoming a successful volleyball player. But real-life circumstances were different. He had to take over his father’s business after inevitable situations and under forcible conditions. But he could not let his dream die.


After some years he became a coach of a volleyball team. Now he is a president of a volleyball federation. His contributions were many as a president of this federation. Furthermore, he went to college to attend a simple anniversary function. Accidentally, he was made as a special speaker among students. Very surprisingly, that was a fascinating speech that received a wonderful appreciation from all students.

Here, anyone can take his perseverance mindset as a model to run life. Though he missed a chance of becoming a volleyball player, he never killed his ambitions towards volleyball. He sought other options if he could relate his life with the game which he liked the most. How many of us accomplish our goals like this or how many of us wished to seek other ways once our ambition was charred.

Apart from this, he completely lives a meaningful life by delivering an excellent speech that motivates everyone. When he delivers a speech, his emotions are real.

Since he is multi-personality, one TV channel desires to interview him. He agreed. In the interview, he was introduced as a great intelligent person. Many questions were asked and for which he answered with the patient. At one stage, the interviewer put his question “Sir, you own a company which has a turnover in millions and your company has got nationwide representation. I heard, very soon you will have offices in other countries too. Despite so much, you go to colleges to deliver speeches and work as president of a volleyball federation. Why do you do that? Do you always want to keep yourself in a limelight?”

Even though these questions generate some kind of annoyance in him, he got ready to answer without showing anything.

“I’m not a celebrity, to keep myself in a limelight. I just do what I like to. I didn’t want to be an industrialist. But when situations forced me, I had to accept it. There were no other options for me. I had been playing volleyball for six years before I accept a role in our business. After that my mind became restless. I asked myself many times whether I had killed my ambition. It was impossible for me to return to the game then. Somehow I wanted to connect myself with the game I wanted. But, I never thought that this would bring me up to this. If you ask about my speech among students, I would say that it was not planned. I don’t earn money for being the president of a volleyball federation and for delivering a speech for students. Then, why do I do all these? I think my life should be an inspiration to others. If someone gets inspired by any of my activities I would feel happy. You have mentioned that I keep myself in limelight. But I would say in other words ‘I keep my passions towards my goal lively. I won’t let it go’ because my passions won’t die. Through this, I wish to say that ‘please don’t kill your passions. Seek an opportunity to keep it alive.”

19 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Passions Die

  1. Murali, Thank you for a very inspiring post! <3 We have many dreams, especially when we are young and choosing our vocation. It would be impossible for all of them to come true, but we can keep the dreams alive and fulfill them through hobbies and in other ways. I, like many others, have fulfilled dreams of becoming a writer by writing after retirement. 🙂

    I hope all is well with you. <3

  2. Hi Murali,
    Great post. I loved this line: “I keep my passion in my goals lively”.
    My friend who played volleyball for Stanford Unniversity in Palo Alto, Calif if on a committe to raise money to keep volleyball alive as they are trying to cancel it with Covid and lack of funding along with other sports. so sad.

      1. You are most welcome Murali!!! It is always my pleasure to read your posts. I’m good, a little trepidation with the election today but it is what it is but I’m holding the light for a good outcome. And you? It’s always good to hear from you. Have a great night Murali!
        ❤️ Cindy

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