Don’t Just have the relationship. Feel it

Relationships are more important than life, but it is not for those relationships to have life in them” – Swami Vivekananda

Nowadays, we have luckily got many social media sites to try keeping our relationship strong and some may have got many new relationships through these sites. But is it sufficient to keep our relationship strong? Is it growing firm by these sites? Somebody has acquired nearly 300 friends on their social media site. But I do not think they can show at least ten real and close intimates.

Relationships are very essential and wonderful as well. Have we ever given a thought to fortify it? No, I suppose. Have we ever thought about the value of our relationships is getting lower day by day? No, I suppose again.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough time to look into these things as we always run to make money. On our hectic schedules, we have abandoned many things. A relationship is such one. Why can’t we spend some time on this to introspect ourselves?

A relationship is the trust between two individuals. It could be father and son, mother and son, brother, and sister and we have developed some relationships beyond this family circle called friends. If we analyze thoroughly, in the last 20 years, the relationships are loosening the grip very quickly. It means the relationships collapsed as fast as they started.


What a significant moment of all these is, a son does not talk to his father. It is not for a day but for many days actually. Brothers do not talk. Son is abroad father or mother is in India. Alright, a son has gone to foreign country to earn money. Money is absolutely essential for living, but money is not going to replace everything in our life. In fact, money has created a vacuum in the relationships. Apart from money, comparison and status are the other two factors that are ruining the relationships. Comparison, in fact, kills the relationship. Why do people compare themselves with others who are vulnerable in society?

I have seen some friends and relatives. They were extremely intimates, when they were studying at school. Somehow they learned comparing their remuneration and status with other friends once they entered into a world of luxury after securing a high salaried job. This mindset does not allow them to extend their friendship and gradually all kinds of activities including a small conversation among friends have been reduced. A similar thing happens in family circles too.

Any relationship could accept this fate if it is constructed on money and expectations like a business. If a person wants to have a relationship only with those equally to him on money and status, then he has to seek the relationship with leading industrialists of the country. If we want to mingle only with knowledgeable persons, then we have to move with scientists. But it seems highly hilarious. Doesn’t it?
So genuine relationships do not care or need all these. The beauty of a relationship is containing it as it comes. Exceptionally, some relationships look determined. Why? because there may not be any expectations, no comparisons. Possibly it would have been unestablished on commercial terms. 

Our usage of social media has increased exponentially. We spend most of our time even at midnight on increasing the list of unknown relationships and usually available online. But it is very unfortunate we forgot to protect our relationship which remains close to our eyesight.
Some friends who used to send greetings using social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., on birthdays and wedding anniversary. Instead of utilizing social media, just imagine this old-fashioned. Take a mobile; greet them by your voice. Your voice will surely produce an incredible moment for the other person. It will receive a positive impact on any relationship. This kind of initiative does not demand much of our time. It is not a newly discovered system. We had been doing it, but it has been abandoned. On the other end, the person may feel cheerful and the next time he may call you.

Just imagine. We just typed our greetings and sent through WhatsApp along with emoticons. Many of us do like this but we did not care about others’ feelings. We accustomed to this method and indirectly force others to do the same. One point of time, it will become like a machine. On any specific occasion of others, we greet them mechanically without any feeling, and the receiver of this would see the message without any feeling too. What kind of relationship is this? After all the relationship is feeling and emotions which must be protected at any cost. 

How one could avoid all these and keep the relationship alive. 
The following lines would help to focus on the relationship.

  • For any relationship, a conversation is absolutely essential. Do not wait for others to call or speak. Let your call may be the first. Do not bring yourself to lower or feel tired by thinking every time you make the call first. 
  • As mentioned earlier, on any special occasion call and greet. If possible meet physically and gift them. Do not recline on mobile phones.
  • Try meeting at regular intervals. It will preserve the connection in force.
  • Do not wait until your relative or friends plead for help. If you come to know, stretch your helping hand without any demand. 

Aforesaid points seem to be trivial but extremely effective when implementing it properly.We cannot live in this planet without relationships as we wish to have a shoulder to recline ourselves and shed our gloom or share our glory.

©2020 Murali

14 thoughts on “Don’t Just have the relationship. Feel it

  1. I enjoyed the message of this post of yours very much. In this present day world of social media and all that it has to offer, there are many good things that allow us to stay connected, but, social media can never replace the power of a good interpersonal face to face relationship. It’s those interpersonal relationships that truly mean something, and it is within these relationships that you can truly “feel” the power and bond of each other. A good post

  2. I am of the opinion, people in general are more concerned about being judged. It has never been about being ‘happy’ for oneself. Relationships, you have rightly pointed out, is more a kind of business in today’s contextual world. I often wonder, how many of us are true to our own self?
    A well conceptualised writing, indeed thought provoking. Thanks for sharing your views.

    1. Yes. People more or less attached with gadgets and give more importance to materials than relationships.
      Thanks very much for spending your time on this post.🙏

  3. That old-fashioned idea of wishing someone by actually making a call,voice or video either on of the two, is something everyone shuld embrace…It makes the other person truly happy…This is a great post and something for everyone to ponder…Keep safe:)

  4. Next to God and a relationship with Him, I can’t think of anything more important than strong relationships. Very nice post.

    1. Yes Tina, strong relationships are more important than anything.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

      Keep commenting.
      Your comments will surely encourage me to bring nice post.

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