Don’t give it up in the middle.

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I considered it would be an appropriate time to write this as we are nearing the New Year. Commemorating the New Year is not going to be a big deal because everyone celebrates worldwide but many of us think that it would be the biggest question of what should be started from day one of the New Year. When we talk about the ‘New Year,’ we frequently talk about the ‘Resolutions’ as well. Some people, whom I know wanted to give up some of their practices or lifestyle which makes their life miserable. Many a person waiting to welcome the New Year as they expect to get more prosperity but some may want to make resolutions as if they start their life on the New Year. I wish to mention the irony of this is, they have been planning this since September. Anyhow, they will be able to shape their ideas before New Year, I believe.

As I have conversed with many, I came to know it does not give any conducive results. What are the reasons?

The ‘New Year Resolution’ really gives an opportunity to the persons who do not know the way out to stop the undesired practices. Not only that, many people want to start some new activity from the New Year. There is no stain in their aforesaid objectives but many people’s journey towards achieving their so-called ‘resolution’ gets derailed in the middle of the way or before that.

The two friends were talking. The first person who goes for a morning walking continually said “I couldn’t walk on the road in the early morning. I’m able to see many newcomers on the road.”


Since this is a joke, we could not control our laughter while reading this. However, we could not take it just as a joke and pass it. If we analyze it thoroughly, one thing we could understand that all ‘decisions’ cannot be interpreted as ‘resolutions.’

Why does it get derailed for many? The answer is simply that all the resolutions are made by emotions. Some might have made their resolutions because of their friends’ compulsion. Some would have followed their intuition because they really thought of doing something productively. The mindset and interest they have when they make their resolutions may not be available after executing that. The decision should be made without any emotional approach. If this is approached in a pragmatic way and with step-by-step guidelines, a person can make success. On the contrary, all our resolutions are made without any proper plans, with huge emotions and expectations.

 It is just tokenism to ignite something on New Year’s Day nonetheless it is not so important to start. If a person is determined to start implementing his decisions, any day is absolutely fitting. For example, a person thinks in September to give up smoking from the New Year. If he really wants to give up smoking, why can’t he implement his decision in the month of September itself? If he believes his decisions are going to bring a change in his life, why does he wait for more than three months? Here, can we come to the conclusion that some people search for an escape route or buying time till the New Year?

I know a person who wanted to keep his body fit. So, he started visiting the gym regularly for the first three months. His interest started emptying out from the fourth month. There was a drastic change in the fifth month. Wait …wait…please don’t look at surprisingly. In the fifth month, he stopped visiting the gym. In the sixth month when I told him to restart the gym activities, he said “no…no…Now I’m waiting for the New Year as I have made a New Year resolution to restart all my activities towards keeping my body fit. This time I’m going to add walking, jogging, and whatever I can…”

Wonderful planning. isn’t it? 😂 (ok but please don’t laugh at him)

As mentioned earlier, it is made based on others’ compulsion or the attitude of just ‘give it a try’.If the interest that was there, in the beginning, is not to diminish, our decision should not be at the emotional pace. Whether we are going to implement our resolutions in September or January, well-planned activities will definitely bring us success. The month or Day is not important but what is more crucial is how we are fulfilling our ideas for our life.

(This is my 100th post)

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          1. You’re so welcome. Not sure if you saw my last 2 posts.. I have 2 more coming this week if you get a chance. Friday is a fun Collaboration. Hope you can stop in. ❤️🤗

  1. Murali. I have been contemplating whether or not to make resolutions this year. I am still mulling it over. One reason I have hesitated is that there is so much unpredictability this year…so much is out of our hands.

    If I fail to make any resolutions, I will just say, a wise man told me resolutions are unnecessary! and usually ineffective 🙂 There is one resolution I am seriously considering…to further simplify my life with respect to material possessions, excessive spending and over-ambitious time commitments. What is your opinion of that resolution?

    Congratulations on your 100th post! Keep up the meaningful posts and good advice!

    All the best for the New Year! <3

    1. Thank you very much for greetings. Sorry for my late reply. I appreciate your view on this. The resolution which you are considering is really important. Please make that resolution if you haven’t started.
      Thank you once again.

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