Don’t get frightened. Accept the change.

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He is an accountant in a private firm. Two things are main in his life. Coffee and newspaper. He was waiting for his coffee from his wife this morning after brushing the teeth. He was given coffee today with a slight delay. But, he could not accept the delay. His mind became restless. After having a cup of coffee, he felt energetic. Only then he would take care of other works. Sorry…he has one more significant work after the coffee which is reading the newspaper. He does not want to miss this sequence because he has been keeping this order for seven years.

If there is a shift in this ‘programme’, his mind does not admit. I think, if we compare him with others it would appear that he is moderately okay.

Let us see about another person. Till that you can hold on to your view on the former. What does he do?

He is a Development Officer in an insurance company. This man takes coffee early in the morning. But he would switch on the TV set and watch almost all the news channels for more than two hours in the morning itself. Is it enough? Wait…wait… he does not think so. After watching the news on television, he spends his time in the newspaper.  


You might think this is appearing everywhere. What’s in it? That’s right. It occurs everywhere.

Why don’t they bring any change in their life? Why do they hold some organized activities for a long period? Why aren’t they enthusiastic to give space to change at least a bit? Why couldn’t they come out of this mindset? Why can’t they give up?

If you get into the study, you may come to the conclusion that these people do a slavery job to their minds. Yes, that is right. When they are not able to produce any change with their regular activities, how could someone anticipate major developments in his or her life? Why are these people like this?

I think these people do not desire their regular activities to be disturbed by any factors. If any change arises, they think that the whole day would go with uneasiness. They are not competent in tolerating such things. So, they will continue these kinds of shows as much as they can. But they will never embrace any new things in their life. According to them, it has got some sentimental value.

Those who are not obstructed and have a brave mind will do miracles, I think. If you are not able to view news channels or read newspapers for a day, what will result in you? Will it be a bad day for you? Let it be…face it. At least you may come to know what it is. So you may come up with a powerful mind to face it.

Regular activities like jogging, visiting the gym, practicing yoga are very important. After all, life is entering into new things every day. If we reject any such things, our life would never have a chance of noticing changes. We ourselves should not be an impediment. Be enthusiastic to acquire changes and develop a spirited mind to face it.

21 thoughts on “Don’t get frightened. Accept the change.

  1. Really appreciate your views, Murali. Well said. “Accept change”. We have strong belief systems; deep ingrained, from our family and circumstances. So life becomes a set pattern; and it is indeed frightening to welcome change.

    1. Yes, that’s right. People follow a particular a system of life. Suddenly if situation forces them to accept any changes, they face stumbling block. That’s the this post has come out.

  2. This is a bitter fact really. We are so used to the daily schedule that any changes disturb our mind and we become uneasy and we are unable to handle that change. But we should have the patience to face situations and accept new changes. Very well written! 😊😊

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