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He is Sunil who works as a Manager of an organisation and receiving a five-digit decent salary every month. He has to manage roughly about forty members who are under him. He joined this job six months ago. He was extremely delighted about his career graph which has risen to this level in the shortest time. But his happiness looks like clouds which will be disappeared anytime from now. The reason behind this quandary is, Sunil is unable to deliver things as his management expects. Since he lacks experience, some of his subordinates themselves have heckled him a lot on many occasions. It is a very pitiable moment for Sunil. Isn’t it?

Why are there some issues for a person like Sunil? Sunil wants to move up and grab the most significant position quickly for which he has never done any exertion. Moreover, he has forgotten that every level of occupation needs a certain amount of experience. Since he is short of know-how, he is suffocating a lot every day. He fears that any time his service to this company will come to an end. It equally contributes to the desolation of his current situation.

Analysis of the issue

Many persons are there like Sunil around us. They want to attain the utmost stage in their line of work instantaneously. There is nothing wrong with their objective but getting equipped for a job is the most important one. Otherwise, it will be a major setback in their career without getting equipped and will project them as out of shape for any job. The most lamentable fact is that they are not ready to gain knowledge of anything at the ground level.

Those who want to achieve many things through their profession must spend sufficient time at ground level. This will produce enormous results when they are able to grab the highest position in future. One thing must be noted here that it is not a disgraceful activity to stay for a longer period at the ground level. In fact, this is going to be a golden opportunity to learn from trivial to complicated lessons. This can be treated as their training period to shape themselves. At this stage, our mind is free to get clarified any kind of doubts related to the work. In reality, the ground situation is pathetic as no one wants to put their sweat to learn anything new in regards to their job. They are not ready to work hard as management expects. People can acquire knowledge of the job immediately but the real situation is going to be different when a person applies his mind practically. There is nothing like that once knowledge is uploaded to mind anything can be executed.


That is what exactly Sunil did in his previous job. He acquired knowledge but he missed the execution part. We may come to know that there are some practical differences when we apply our knowledge on the job. We try executing, but we may end up with errors. We try again and again till we come out with error-free solutions. The grassroots level of the job gives more space to learn about the job.

Just imagine. A person has somewhat managed to get a mid-level position in an organisation. But will the management allow him to do this kind of trial and error method for any problems? I do not think so.

Check a Real Time Issue

For instance, a person worked as a Sales Executive for four years who can be promoted as Sales Manager with some members work under him. Now as a Sales Manager he can learn many things about how to work with the team and the most significant and tricky is he has to make others to work. Here the person knows the team management. Likewise, if he is flourishing, he goes to the next level. It will be highly ridiculous if a person is promoted as a Branch Manager with no experience in team management.

How to avoid these issues?

As soon as we get a job, should not sit back and relax. This is not an end. This is just a beginning.

  • Carry a small notepad and note what senior person or trainer explains about your work.
  • Do not hesitate to ask anything related to your job.
  • Clarify all your confusions related to your job even if it is very trivial as it is an early stage of your job.
  • Your knowledge may be 100 % suitable to this job. But it is very important to know how to handle the job practically.
  • Maintain good relationship with seniors or any trainers as they may have more experience than you. It will be helpful to work with them in a real time situation.
  • In a professionaly managed organisation, they expect you to grasp the things quickly. So before your superior to call and ask, you go to him and present your details.
  • Always present your ideas to the management. Do not foresee the results. Leave it to the management.
  • Try involving yourself with your work and be expressive to your superiors.
  • Do not hesitate to say ‘don’t know’. It is better than say ‘yes I know’ and then get trapped.
  • And always be ready to go the extra mile.

So if we want to achieve, we should get equipped ourselves well, and we should get into deep to know all the intricacies of the job.

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  1. I smiled when I read ‘ground level.’ It fits into so many aspects of life. Not only employmet. It even works with my current post about planting. Yeah, ground level! πŸ˜„ Everything must start from the ground up. Enjoyed your post. ☺

    1. I am glad that you liked my post. People shouldn’t fly when they just added very little experience in their careers. Their foot always to be on the floor.
      Anyway thanks for stopping by.πŸ‘Œ

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