Don’t allow the issue to follow you

His superior ordered him to come down to head office at 4 pm today. Therefore, he looks very nervous.  Why did he call up? What will be the topic? His mind has been in a confused state from morning itself. He is the Branch Manager of the biggest organisation. A few days ago, one of his customers had come to his branch with issues. As a Branch head, he should have attempted to resolve the problem. But he sought 24 hours times and did nothing. The customer has already spoken to him twice over the phone in this regard.

The customer must have gone to the head office and complained. He suspects the customer. At least his superior could have informed the reason. He looked at his watch. It shows 11.30 am. It’s awful. He should push nearly five hours with impatience and inquisitiveness. His mind did not agree that he did wrong.

‘I did nothing wrong to him. I have just asked for 24 hours to solve. Ok. I accept my fault. I couldn’t solve it within 24 hours. So what? He could have waited one more day. Shall I call the customer now? No…No, what should I do now?’

He does not know for what reason his superior called him but he mutters a lot.

He went to the head office ten minutes prior to the schedule. Exactly at 4 pm, he was called inside to his superior’s room. At the same time, that customer came out of the room. He went inside and then the superior started talking to him.


“See my dear friend. I resolved your problem today. You should learn one thing unquestionably that the customer is more valuable than anything for us. He called you twice and met once in this regard. But your shots were not adequate to solve this. I know you are angry with him now. Instead, you should stand on his position and think. If we get any issues with the product which use regularly, we want to scold everyone and set a deadline to them to solve it. You can lose this customer today but get a customer like him will demand much more time. We all focus on getting new customers to our business at any cost. On the other hand, we are not involved in solving any issues of them.

When a customer has any issues, spend time on that to know the nitty-gritty of the issue. Then get some time according to that and seek to solve the issue before the deadline. This will create an incredible relationship. But you people are trying to send the customer out and relish the short-term relief”.

Please bear in mind, you have to solve the issue otherwise the issue will follow you. It applies to your personal life too.

10 thoughts on “Don’t allow the issue to follow you

  1. Murali, Thank you for posting a story that illustrates the importance of building customer loyalty. Companies that focus solely on attracting new customers are very annoying!

    An example of this is communications companies that provide internet/TV/phone service. They spend a lot of money advertising low rates for new customers only. Telephone calls to establish new service are answered immediately, while calls requesting customer service are routed to an answering service. Service is slow, and the customer is often required to wait in line at a salesroom where he is bombarded with displays and videos advertising additional serivices.

    After the first year, rates go up substantially. In areas where there are multiple service options, many customers switch providers every year to take advantage of low “teaser rates.”

    This may be a profitable business model, but it creates disgruntled customers and a bad reputation for the industry.

    Thank you again, Murali for posting about the importance of customer loyalty. All the best! Cheryl

    1. Thank you very much, Cheryl, for sharing your experience.
      Yes, you rightly said. I have seen many representatives of the companies who were very keen initially. Once they sold their products they absolutely forgot the customer. This gives more pain to many customers and I know them very well. That’s why I wrote this.
      Anyway thanks for spending your time on this.

  2. So true!
    “Please bear in mind, you have to solve the issue otherwise the issue will follow you.”
    There is a saying “out of the frying pan into the fire” that goes along with this.
    It’s such a difficult truth to hear.
    Well done! 👏

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