Do you have a well-wisher?

I went to my friend’s house as he invited me some time ago. When I entered, he was talking over the mobile phone. He just recognized me and asked to sit by his gesticulation as he could not disconnect the call. The conversation which he had with somebody over the phone was on his upcoming tour program with his family. He was inquiring about the places to explore, types of food to be eaten, details about accommodation and more importantly, number of days for staying, sightseeing, mode of travel, etc.,

I was keenly monitoring the conversation since I displayed sufficient patience, Somewhat he managed to get answers for all of his queries. Before I asked him he had briefed me that it was his ex-colleague whom he was talking to.

Out of my inquisitiveness, I sought him “why did you disturb him a lot when we are competent to get all information through countless websites. Today’s technology brings much more comfortable for you. Sit in one place and try gathering. Nowadays, no need to depend on anybody.”

He replied, “No. You misunderstood me completely. There is no dependency on this. He is not only my ex-colleague but also my well-wisher or an advisor. Yes, of course, I could obtain all details through many websites. His personalized advice would help me in many ways as he knows my family and me well. If I have achieved success in my life, he is the person who is behind that. I have an unshakeable belief in him that he can never suggest anything wrong. Whenever I ask any advice on any particular matter, he instantly thinks of my family and recommends the appropriate one. It doesn’t mean I don’t have any idea about anything. Sporadically I decide myself and share it with him. I think everyone requires a well-wisher like this in their life as they could acquire another dimension of solutions to their problems.

His personalized advice would help me in many ways as he knows my family and me extremely well”


After an hour I vacated the place. It was terrific talking to my friend, and it was noteworthy. What he divulged about the well-wisher or an advisor is a novel thing for me. In our family, we know many persons who provided the most effective solutions for our problems, but we didn’t entitle them as well-wishers. My question is do we indeed require a well-wisher in our life for all these things?

I reviewed some books after I had come back home. I spoke to my superior and conducted some research on this. Based on the discussions and my own research, it is very evident everyone needs a well-wisher for leading their life smoothly.

Choosing a person as our well-wisher would remain an extremely complex task”

Alright. Everything seems to be okay. How can we have a person as our well-wisher? Yes. Choosing a person as our well-wisher would remain an extremely complex task. He or she should be knowledgeable and well versed with almost all. Will it suffice? No.

He should think from a more analytical angle and furnish his solutions to the problems, and we must be extra cautious about choosing a person as our well-wisher.

Key points for identifying a well-wisher.

  • He or she should be a well-known person to the whole family.
  • He or she should be a trust-worthy person of the family.
  • He or she should really take care of our things.
  • It does not mean that for every personal problem we should knock his door. Every so often we can be selective on receiving advice. 
  • On the odd occasion, we ourselves can try the best. If we cannot get the exact solutions, then we can go to him.
  • If we lack knowledge about something, get better ideas from a well-wisher. For e.g. ideas for modern business, higher studies.
  • Get another dimension for identical problems or ideas and treat it as a second opinion.

A well-wisher is a person who should genuinely think well about us and provide the best for our wishes.

30 thoughts on “Do you have a well-wisher?

    1. Sir, I am honoured by your words. This all happens because of the people like you.

      Your words are booster to me.

      Thank you very much for your encouragement.

  1. It’s true. We need someone to lean on at times. Too many relationships have strings attached and there are always transactions involved. In some cultures, it is considered good manners to reach out to people and ask after their well-being. People who need care aren’t always able to ask for it. So we start by volunteering.

  2. When my mother passed away (at 58) I was worrying, more about my children misses her advice and affection. I got many consoling words but most of them are dominating. From an unexpected person whom I know only since a year I got very valuable words. She didn’t expect anything from me nor she want to proof her power. She only shares her family expirence. Words we want come to us from any form. But in my life experience I don’t wish to relay on any one person.

    1. Well-wishers should not be selfish. They should genuinely support and give their shoulders to others who are struggling.
      I could understand your feelings. The situation had given a bitter experience after your mother’s demise. It was very sad Subbashini.

      I pray the almighty for you and your family.

  3. Very unique post! Many people are too proud to admit it, but we all need someone we trust and can go to for advice. Maybe it is good to have several well-wishers with different areas of expertise. Thank you, Murali, for pointing this subject out .

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