Corner Talks #2

He is a tailor aged about 55 years and maintains a tiny shop on his own. He did not possess any influential consumers initially when this shop started. Nevertheless, he managed with several small consumers, and he was quite comfortable servicing them in the best quality manner. He does not campaign for his trade for which he usually says, ‘If they like my work, they won’t go to any other shops. If they go to other shops, that means they are not contented with my work. I have to change myself.’ It shows his faith in his work.

Though this business does not generate any revenue in a more prominent way, he has never given up helping the poor.

Once a month, he closes his shop for a day at any cost. Even if some of his consumers demand any work, he declines. On that day, he visits an orphanage or any old age home to donate some money or any food items to the destitute.

One day his son questioned him about his contributions towards the orphanages. “our shop doesn’t generate major income so far. Despite you wish to help the poor people. This is a great cause. why don’t you donate your income after we expand this business and get more money?

Father replied “somewhat I manage to help the needy within my income now. I  have also an objective of converting this small shop into a large readymade shop. But I don’t know whether I have the same mindset in future if I get more money because the human mind is always wavering. I am also a human being my dear son” 


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  1. Yes, we humans can be very fickle characters sometimes. It takes constant study and effort to stay on the track that has been designed just for me. Our true mirrors are the windows of other people’s souls! I pray that, perchance, something I write might be a blessing to someone along the way! Have a Great Weekend. Blessings!

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