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He returned home from the office at eight in the evening. As usual, he switched on the TV after finished dinner. When he was seriously watching his favourite programme on television, his mobile phone was ringing. One of his sons brought the mobile to him. Immediately, he muted the TV volume and looked at his mobile. His brother was calling. He did not show any interest to attend the call as he was very keen on the TV programme.

After half an hour, his mobile was ringing again. This time it was his superior. He switched off the TV as he was looking a bit nervous. He went to the balcony to speak as it was his boss.

These two contrasting performances of the same person have been depicted above clearly. The first call which he received from his brother, he did not bother much about it. But at the same time, when the second call which he received from his superior, he felt as if there was a bomb dropped on his head. Here, there was some obligation to articulate with his boss otherwise the next day is going to be miserable.  

This is the true colour of a person. His mind was not ready to give attention to his close relationships. On the other hand, his mind was swift to respond to another person though he was not connected to his family directly. Why is this happening?


This is because of the gadgets which we use currently. Almost all gadgets are being taught to viewers how to bring the relationships closer through uncountable advertisements. In actuality, all of our relationships are kept out of our boundaries. This is the real absurdity. Isn’t it?

Sometime back, when the fixed-line phone was in use, everyone was excited to have conversations and those were meaningful too. Despite the call rates were so high in those days, we were thrilled to speak to others and the relationships were so uninjured.

Now, the call charges have come down heavily in the mobile-phone era. So, there must be more number of calls that should have been made to our dear and near. But what is happening now?

We run or search for a safe place to hide soon after we get calls from particular persons. We got trained how to say ‘no’ for a group of persons and we train others to do the same. As we continue to use gadgets like this, slowly the gap between the relationships stretches more, and later it will disappear.

In the olden days, we used to sit in front of the TV and watched some programmes as a family. In present days, if you suddenly enter into any house, you will be shocked. Now it is peculiar. Since everyone in the house has got mobile phones on their hands, all of them watch programmes separately on their mobile phone. They do not have any connections with other persons. They do not even know what kind of food they eat. In other words, man has become a machine. Later, this may force people to bring some guidelines which means at least an hour a day mobile phones should be switched off.

This article is not against gadgets, nevertheless, the people who use this must give significance to the relationships. Gadgets should fill up the gap among people not separate the people. We cannot live with these devices for a long period. Nowadays it seems, that most people hate the word ‘together.’ Gadgets are essential but to what extent is the most important question.

12 thoughts on “Choose the best

  1. OH Murali,
    This is a very important message you have written through your story. Can’t live with them and can’t live without! I missed your post somehow in reader… good thing I searched you. Good to see you! ❤️ Cindy

  2. Man has become machine. Mobile phones have made as lazy person. We avoid moving from one room to another to call family members.

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