Everyday Expression #20

We can strive hard to bring out optimum results from us. However, we should never feel that we work hard because sometimes the emotions blunt our enthusiasms. Rather, if we could feel our hard work as fun, it will drive us to progress more. ©2020 Murali

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Everyday Expression #19

Everybody requires solutions for their problems. However, some people run somewhere and search for solutions.  If they believe themselves positively, they will realise that the best solutions are only with them which means problems are with us and solutions too.     ©2020 Murali

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Everyday Expression #18

Image Courtesy : Readworks The path of the victory always has stones and thorns for which do not hesitate to travel till the end. Because at the end of the path there may be a success waiting for you. ©2020 Murali

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Everyday Expression #17

Many said we can learn some lessons from every mistake of ours. If so, why are some mistakes repeated by us? Because we are capable of committing mistakes but unfortunately, we forget to learn the lessons.  ©2020 Murali

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Everyday Expression #13

Image Courtesy : Unsplash No need to bother much when our problem escalates. It means it will absolutely come to an end soon. Instead of worrying, we can feel happy because many problems found solutions only after it had touched a peak. ©2020 Murali

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