Everyday Expression #5

Expecting perfection is one of the reasons for losing our happiness. We should not demand perfection from others because it is an illusion. In this world nothing is perfect. All are with some blemishes. Perfection is available only in the dictionary. It does not appear in the real world.

Β©2020 Murali

24 thoughts on “Everyday Expression #5

  1. Well-written and a great reminder, Murali!

    My late husband taught me the proverb,”The perfect is the enemy of the good.” If we try to do everything perfectly, we accomplish little.

    You have taught me that expecting perfection in others destroys perfection.

  2. So true. We all fall short of the glory of God. Maturation is the best we can aim to achieve, so we should enjoy the joy of learning and growing and be patient with others as well. We need just as much patience.

    “Perfection is available only in the dictionary. It does not appear in the real world.”

    I enjoyed the way you worded that. ☺

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