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You Can Speak But Listen First

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels One of his colleagues is getting married today. He wants to attend the wedding but not well. What to do? He got an idea. Without any further delay, he woke his son up and informed him. Yes, he decided to send his twenty-two-year-old son on his behalf. He told all viable directions to his son to reach the specific place. Son was saying, ‘yes’ to his father whatever he said. Hence, he came out of the house and started moving towards the wedding hall. Middle of the way he forgot the route which was told by his father. Finally, he attended the wedding, but it was somebody’s wedding at some other wedding hall. Looks very absurd it seems, doesn’t it? Why was there some confusion? Are … Continue reading You Can Speak But Listen First

When there is no speech…

Image Courtesy : Redbubble During this pandemic, everyone has to wear face masks. There is no doubt about that. But a fascinating part is some masks carry some messages. When I went to market a few days ago, I was observing a person who wore a mask on his face which had a message “silence please”. Though the message was not appropriate to that place, it attracted me well, and the paradoxical thing was, he was removing the mask very often in order to communicate to somebody. Now it is a little tough to recognize some person even they are extremely devoted to us since they are wearing a mask. Even somebody meets, they are unable to exchange words because … Continue reading When there is no speech…

One Morning at My Friend’s House

Photo by BRUNO EMMANUELLE on Unsplash Actually, I love coffee so much, despite, I quit drinking coffee. Do you know why?? simply follow me. It was a Sunday, after having heavy lunch, I slept for some time. I woke up at 4 o'clock. After waking up, as everybody does, I searched for my mobile phone too. It was under the pillow. I think a man sleeps, his cell phone doesn't. (I should have used … Continue reading One Morning at My Friend’s House

Online Farces

Image Courtesy : Click Meeting After I had published the post “Lockdown Lessons”, I went through some news about the pandemic in some newspapers. I got some interesting things for this week. This post may bring out some interesting incidents which happened or happening in this period. So, this can be treated as the continuity of the Lockdown Lessons.   We live in the online era. When we are facing the plight of the pandemic, everything becomes online faster than ever. Wherever you see, there is online. Online classes, online court, online doctor, etc., Online Classes for School Students Everybody enthusiastically attends online classes, it seems. There are two forty-minute classes for all school children. This may vary for higher secondary classes. Do the students attend these classes interestingly? Who knows? Parents do not want their children to waste their time sitting unproductively at home. So if truth be told parents are … Continue reading Online Farces

500+ Followers!!

Hello Everyone, It's a special moment for me. I am very happy to inform you that I have reached an important milestone of 500 followers today. I thank each one of you for following my blog and for your comments and encouragement. Your comments are always encouraging me and it paves the way to bring … Continue reading 500+ Followers!!

Lockdown Lessons

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash Many of us were striving to give up any practices or acquire any new things which are very essentials to lead a good life. But now everything is possible because of Corona. We can divide our life into two: B.C. and A.C. Therefore, Life Before Corona and After Corona. The lockdown has surely taught some lessons to many. The change we expected, almost arrived, I think. Unwanted to Essential First and foremost thing is unwanted or unnecessary expenditures. How can one lead his/her life economically? I think after sitting at home for many days, now everybody has learned this. Almost all of us have cut … Continue reading Lockdown Lessons

Don’t be in a hurry to reach

Image Courtesy : Asia Society He is Sunil who works as a Manager of an organisation and receiving a five-digit decent salary every month. He has to manage roughly about forty members who are under him. He joined this job six months ago. He was extremely delighted about his career graph which has risen to this level in the shortest time. But his happiness looks like clouds which will be disappeared anytime from now. The reason behind this quandary is, Sunil is unable to deliver things as his management expects. Since he lacks experience, some of his subordinates themselves have heckled him … Continue reading Don’t be in a hurry to reach

Benefits of Waking Up Early

" Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise " - Benjamin Franklin Photo by Federico Respini on Unsplash Rise up early in the morning is a little difficult for somebody whereas it is impossible for many. If you happen to go through some success stories of famous persons, it has been … Continue reading Benefits of Waking Up Early

Fake and Negative vs Real and Positive

Image Courtesy : IMDb Many of us watch the news on TV or read the news on paper to be acquainted with what is happening around the world. Some read news and do not comment on that. Some have their opinion on that news and get involved in argument or debate. There is nothing is wrong in arguing or debating but before that, we should substantiate whether we argue on true news or fake news. Fake News Hope you aware that there is fake news prevailing everywhere. In present days, when the news has been telecast, we need to have a fact check before it is distributed or discussed as it is going to be spread easily to others. But … Continue reading Fake and Negative vs Real and Positive

What is productivity?

Image Courtesy : Free Vector Art & Graphics What is productivity? If you think, it is about working without taking a break is pronounced productivity. That’s wrong, and in this way, it cannot be improved. Many people are working beyond their time. Some people work even on Sundays. I called one of my friends on a Sunday and enquired if we could meet. He said he was getting ready for his office. This information is not unusual for me because I have noticed some people went to work on Sundays. But that may be for one or two Sundays. There was no mandate for them to go on … Continue reading What is productivity?