Are we prepared to live with this virus?

It has no religion, no gender, exposes no differences between rich and poor, can travel to any distance without passport and visa. Its only objective is to decimating people. It has spread its wings to all the directions to swallow the unified vulnerable community. You would have guessed by this time what I am quoting about. Absolutely, It is COVID 19 which I am talking about.

COVID 19 has been executing its plans without having any discrimination and humanity. But as a human community, have we done our duty to fight against this fatal virus? Regrettably, the answer is ‘no’.

Many countries showed some initial carelessness which was appalling. We cannot go with a weapon to conquer this enemy as there is no one appearing in front of us. This enemy is against the whole human community which has to be killed. There is no other opinion on that. But how? When an enemy attacks everyone invisibly, what are we going to achieve by showing our casualness? It is highly hilarious and reckless as we are capable of spreading this virus to others unknowingly. People are not practising social distancing as government guided.

According to Times of India many roaming around in public ‘ without any purpose’ during the lockdown.

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People buy vegetables at a market in Patna, India
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According to Independent, Thousands rushed to the beach in Florida as local administration ends lockdown partially.

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People are seen at the beach on April 17, 2020 in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.
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This COVID has caused much damage to this world. It has forced many countries to impose lockdown, snatched millions of jobs across the world. Created a significant dent in wallets. Increased demand and price of essential commodities. Many institutions cut their employees’ salaries by 50%. The COVID affected cases are in ascent day by day, contrarily everyone’s financial position drops. All religious places have been completely shut across the planet. People fed up with lockdown as they had to keep themselves in a confined place without moving anywhere. Naturally, people tend to go out as they require a little amount of ventilation. That is why in many countries everybody wants to go back to their routine life. But nobody could find the last phase of this pandemic.

Meanwhile, most of the nations announced the lifting of lockdown with ‘strict’ norms that have to be followed. Since the economy of all nations could fall sharply, they did so. The rulers are more worried about the economic loss. But the World Health Organisation(WHO) reacted sharply to this and said that lifting of lockdown could aggravate the present condition. The little relaxation created excitement among the public and want to mingle with the crowd. But it could end up in emerging more hotspots. People who have not followed distancing in public places, they invited this COVID in their life.

We have been unable to practise social distancing for just 3 or 4 months. Just imagine how we could react if this COVID is going to be here with us for the next 2 years or it will never go. Alright, I could follow your perplexed mind. Please don’t get panic.

On the 14th of May 2020 The Times of India published the following news.

Lockdowns can end but COVID may never go away”, says WHO .

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Since we have to prepare ourselves to live with this virus, now we should think about our ‘old lifestyle’. Whether it is good or bad, that must be kept aside for some time or permanently. There must be some preparedness in our minds to adopt ‘new normal’ in our life. Ok. What must one practise for a new normal?

The following guidelines for at least next 8-10 months as we have to fight this virus ourselves by changing our life style.

  • Whenever or wherever we go, we have to wear the face mask at any cost.
  • Always use washable masks as we have to use them regularly.
  • After coming back home, should wash our hands with sanitizer or soap.
  • Follow social distancing very strictly as it could stop spreading the virus further.
  • Avoid attending parties, movies and any other gathering which has more than 50 members.
  • Learn how to live economically because future life will be different with social distancing in public transport and other public places like schools, movie halls, malls, parks. In public transport the social distancing to be practiced at the cost of commuters.
  • Try postponing any expensive tour.
  • Check whether schools follow these guidelines utterly as children must be taken an adequate care.
  • Add turmeric, pepper, gooseberry,ginger in your regular food as it preserves your immune system well.
  • The amount of milk, curd or buttermilk, ghee will have to be increased in your diet.
  • Avoid visiting restaurants and eating improper foods.

The medical world works round the clock for developing a vaccine for this virus and we hope they accelerate the process by utilizing the advance technologies as to save many more lives in this earth.

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19 thoughts on “Are we prepared to live with this virus?

  1. Some are trying , some are not. We were planning to go the beach today but skipped it. So crowded. We just looked at the beach view from afar & it’s more than enough . Between fun and health, will choose health. Stay safe.

    1. That’s nice. We should give more importance to health now. Nice to hear that you do it. Be safe.πŸ‘
      Thanks for reading and commenting.πŸ‘Œ

  2. There are so many people who wore doing exactly NOTHING even before this… So for many, its nothing different.. And as long as goverments are paying 80% of the wage…. nobody is eager to go back … despite the rethoric we see at the tv… In public we’re all EDUCATED AND MORAL…

  3. Sadly there are those who aren’t taking it seriously here in Canada, as well, attending parties and hanging out at the beaches.

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