Are the rules to be followed or…?

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The rules create a fuss and irritations. These rules have many names those are ‘Conditions’, ‘Terms and Conditions’, ‘Rules and Regulations’, etc …

In that office, there is a new rule that is going to be implemented from today. That new rule prevents all employees from going out for a tea break. The company has made all arrangements to serve tea or coffee at the desk to all employees. When the organization declared this, it was seen by the employees as if the management had done something against them. They believed the management had seized their rights to go out for a tea break. It could not be digested by some employees. So the very next day itself, it was discussed how to nip in the bud.

Why can’t we follow any rules? It is a very basic question that can be answered very easily.

If you analyze the aforesaid incident, it is not against anybody. The purpose of the break is going to be sustained anyway but inside. Here, one thing must be understood clearly by everyone. The management might have thought they consumed more time on this break. What’s incorrect with this concept?


We view all the rules with emotions. Emotions obscure our vision and push us into slush. Traffic rules are not followed by anyone. In many places especially at traffic signals, nowadays, many do not stop when red light glows. It looks like that as if they do not have to stop their vehicle when the red glows. This shows their ignorance and irresponsibility. The traffic rules were made for our life. If we follow those, we can safely arrive at the place. After we are caught by the cops, there is no use in justifying our stand. If someone thinks that traffic signals are consuming time and can we abolish the traffic rules? After that what will happen on the road, just think. 

Let’s look at one more. He is my acquaintance who has recently attended an interview for a job at a reputed firm after striving very hard. After a couple of days passed, I asked about his job when I met him at the market.  

He said, “The interview was good but I have no idea whether I would join this job even if I get this. I think they expect everyone to be punctual. I hate rules. I want to work independently without rules.”

How can we articulate this? This mentality is present in everyone today. We have to frame rules and regulations even if we run our own business. ‘Without any rule’ does not mean ‘independent.’ An organization asks its employees to be present in the office on time. How can this be wrong? When rules are in place and followed by everyone which means the entire system works well. Is it wrong that someone insists others report to the office on time?

Writing examinations is a rule for students. Is it wrong since someone does not like it? Then how can they evaluate the students’ knowledge?

The rules and guidelines for COVID disappear too. No mask, no social distancing.

In some offices, there is some practice called ‘grace time’. If anything happens unexpectedly, the employee can come late to the office twice a month. The management may have done something in favor of the employees yet there is no mandate for any employee to use it at any cost. However, the employees would deliberately utilize this ‘grace time’ every month. They do not want to waste their ‘rights’ to come to the office late. Are the rules meant to be followed or bent?

Basically, our mind thinks emotionally that it will suppress our activity, or something is going to happen against us. If you keep your emotions aside and think, you will be able to understand the logic behind the rules. The irony is, the same mind would accept all the rules if we get something in favour of us. Examples: Loan from the bank, Credit card, etc. If so, rules are not problems for anybody.

Just like this, at the right time, we go for movies yet we don’t talk about this rule of cinema theatres. In fact, we go ten or fifteen minutes earlier. How ludicrous is this?

All rules are not against us. Some rules are for our protection too.

15 thoughts on “Are the rules to be followed or…?

  1. Wait a minute … the company would serve me at my desk?? 😮 I do not drink tea… BUT if they could do coffee – I would REALLY like that!! Yes please come serve me coffee at my desk!!! … but those who want to get their own should be allowed to do however they want

    As far as business goes… yes I expect punctual … time is of the essence and time is money… so yes I expect one to be on time – how someone conducts their business, is how I will know if I want to do business with them.

    They lucky to have a job.. the youth does not have solid work ethic … although … I know some young adults who are mature beyond their age. Old souls – very mature and responsible. Impressive.

    But for business I do expect a level of professionalism and drive – yes.

  2. Hey Murali,
    I liked and responded to this.. but it was not marked as such or with a star.. Did you get a comment from me? I’m wondering if I did it on my phone and it’s not syncing with my computer.
    Another Blogging Pet Peeve.. Lol.. (i just wrote a post on that) 🤣
    Anyways, Great post. No one is thinking very much when everyone is breaking the rules if you ask me! ❤️Cindy

  3. Great post, Murali. We should follow the rules. If we work for a company, we should follow company policy. We might express an opinion that we don’t like the rule, but we should not just disregard rules we don’t like. if we are unhappy and can’t resolve the situation, we can look for a different job. 🙂

    In the example of the tea break, I think I personally would like the opportunity to walk around and get a change of scene, so I might not be pleased to stay at my desk. This scenario is very different from places I have worked where break time is mandated by the government and you are free to do as you wish during that time. The only time the company would provide refreshments would be at a holiday party. Happy New year! <3

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