About Me

Thank you very much for dropping by.

I am Murali, live in Chennai, India. You may be obscured when you see the author name as ‘Muralikrish’. I am a devotee of Lord Krishna. So I took Krish from Krishna.

I gained more chance to mingle with many people in my profession. So, I have decided to write something interesting (yes, seriously, believe in me 😩) which is based on my experiences with people whom I have met so far.

I always believe that our thought is one of the main reasons for our behaviour with others.

Apart from this,
  • Reading is my passion (Oh…Is it? 😮). I love reading novels, newspapers and whatever I get. (!!) 😂 
  • I don’t expect perfection from others because I am not a perfectionist.
  • I am addicted to Maestro Ilayaraja’s music and love Yanni’s instrumental.

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