A Direct Message From Money

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Money can buy you a house, but not a home; fancy cars, but not a class; medicine, but not health; sex, but not love; luxury, but not culture” – Osho

Dear users,

Let me introduce myself to you all first. I am money, live universally. Hope you all doing well with ‘me’. I have different shapes, colours and many incarnations as well. Later, I realized that people had colours too. I have a privilege that every man and woman has given a unique place in their hearts and their houses. It means there are no haters and no rejection at all. More importantly, everybody wants to keep me with them for a long time. The paradox is everybody welcomes me even when I am dirt but no one has sought my interest whether I want to stay with them. However, I don’t have wings to fly from the place where I am padded. I have always been locked in a box which is very dark inside. Have you ever thought that how can I live without air for a long?

I can tell you another contradiction. Some people go to the temple to see the god. Later, when they get ‘me’, they call me god but will forget the real god.  


A few of them normally takes me out, count and keep me inside again. Some of them would use me for their regular expenditures. That’s when I could breathe. There are some people who never open the locker. Some hide me into the land, and some hide me into the gold.

I haven’t seen any discrimination among people, but I have been blamed if there is no unity among people. Everywhere the word status is being used very often. Until yesterday the brothers were fine, but today there is a division between them and wonderful relationships get collapsed. The so-called status isolates them very quickly. I always regret that I am used to gauging the quality of life of the people. I feel very proud whenever I get importance. On the other hand, I feel embarrassed about myself whenever people get involved in a fight only for me.

Why is everything being decided in my name? There is a price for everything but love and relationships are priceless and important too.

Let’s get into an incident.

He is a businessman. He has a big bungalow, more gold and me. When he attempted hard to reach this position, he was good. But later, he almost forgot everything and everybody in the family. He always focuses on his business which means he likes me very much. Nothing else. He goes to his office in the morning and comes back home late in the evening. He doesn’t take any responsibility for children’s education, health, etc., All these things have been taken care of by his wife very well. She is able to manage everything. However, she wants to go outside with her husband as all others do. Let it be a temple or a restaurant or any weddings, she only goes with her children. Her husband doesn’t involve in this kind of activities.

She and her children planned to go to a restaurant for lunch today but they want to take him along with them. Alright, a decision made. Who will inform him? And if he refuses how will they convince? As usual, she is the one who came forward for this too. But what a miracle!! He quickly agreed to go with them.

He get calls frequently at the restaurant. He behaves like the busiest man in the world.What to do? and he did not switch off his phones for a very little time for his family. After some time, his face became very dull. He asked them to finish their lunch and left the place immediately.

This event was the reason for the argument between couples. At the peak, that night she asked him to seal all of his businesses. After hearing this, he went to his room violently, opened the cash box and came to the hall with some bundles of me.

There was a glitch in his activity. Suddenly he tore ‘me’ into pieces. Don’t know how much he tore. In a short time, he realized what he did. Throughout the night, he was striving to paste the entire torn out pieces of me. However, somewhat he understood that this was impossible and meaningless. That time he was screaming like he lost one of his close relatives.

He tore ‘me’ in a fraction of time. Instead, he could have thrown me out. I would have been helpful to those who don’t have ‘me’ in their houses.

PS : This was written purely on my imagination.

©2020 Murali

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  1. This is a marvelous introduction of and by Money. The invitation is to develop a realistic and a moral view about money itself. I appreciate that. Thank you, Murali!–Christopher

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