Slithering Minds

It was on Sunday. My friend and I decided to meet at a restaurant near our house. The restaurant was crowded and there was no seat available for us as it was Sunday. After sometime somewhat we managed to get seats. After a few minutes, one person came and sat in front of us as there was one seat unoccupied and immediately he ordered something to eat. We were waiting eagerly too to have something very tasty. My friend started talking about the past and present and the waiter delivered something to the other person who was sitting in front of us. I think it was a burger. He started eating. Whenever he was devouring a piece, he made a big slurp which disturbed us a lot. I did not bother much but my friend really got irritated. That was where our conversation got disconnected. Soon he wanted to move out of the place. I was trying to convince him as we were in the middle of our eating. Unfortunately, he did not listen to me, and I was forced to finish my eating. Both went to a small park. To find out the reason for his walkout I asked him ” What happened?”

He said, “the person who sat in front of us spoiled my mind completely.”
I understood that he mentioned about the person who made a slurp at the restaurant.
“He didn’t know how to behave or eat in a public place like this. I think these are all menace for people like us. They should not be allowed to sit inside. They don’t know anything and they don’t possess any knowledge about anything. I wanted to enjoy a pleasant evening with you along with nice foods. He ruined everything. I’m extremely sorry. We’ll meet another day.”
He left right away. His behaviour was completely annoying to me. I was thinking about this while driving back home.

After some days passed, a few days ago there was a leak in a pipeline in my bathroom. I was trying to arrest the leakage, but I could not. Finally, as per my wife’s advise a plumber was contacted. He came down immediately. His clothes were little dirt and the bag which he carried was completely dirt. He repaired the leakage within 20 minutes. I interrogated him that where he came from. That was the only question which I asked him but without stopping he was talking (in fact speaking) about 30 minutes. It was about the Indian economy, inflation, World Bank, weather forecast, and even global warming. If truth be told I was wondering about his talking. When I paid his charges, out of my curiosity, I asked him,
“What is your education?”
“Sir, I studied up to 12th standard. Everyone seeks my education because people are wondering how a person like me is able to talk this much. Sir, do you know something? For apprehending all these things no need to study at college. If you keenly watch your surroundings and this world then do little analysis on what you read in the newspapers.”
He left the place immediately, but I could not come out of the stunning moment.
The next day I shared these two experiences of mine with my superior during lunch. But his views were extremely different than mine.
He said, “This is an obsession of our mind. We habitually think that those who live a luxury life are knowledgeable, clever, and solution providers. On the other hand, those who live a modest life are not knowledgeable. I have come across many persons. Some of them are holding plump posts but they have never lived their rich life so far. Do you say that they are not capable of executing anything or are they not knowledgeable? No. They are very much interested in leading a modest life and they want to be role models for their children by their activities and behaviours.
Similarly, I know some call taxi drivers, electricians, and others who are all capable of discussing matters such as the budget, economy, and global warming. Earlier these were astonished but later I came to know that knowledge is everywhere but we overlooked a lot and further categorized people into two parts by their dining etiquette and speaking manner. One is knowledgeable and the other one is non-knowledgeable. As your plumber rightly mentioned, being a knowledgeable person, it’s not necessary to go to college or university. 
Had you thought deeply, you would have got some reasons for this. First of all presumption on persons brings intolerance and intolerance blocks nearness with the people. Hence, this is a mind game. We developed our minds like that. We don’t recognize the potential of the people, and our mind doesn’t accept the truth that they know something too. Our brought up maybe one of the reasons for this sort of behaviours. That’s the reason you stunned when the plumber gave a speech. The person, who made a big slurp while eating, did not do any sin. This is not unusual.  

Leading a modest life does not bring menaces like this. If this modest life gets into problems like this, no one will prepare to go for it.”

His words are really an eye-opener for me. I would advise my friend how to behave in a public place if I meet him next time.

©2020 Murali

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  1. Thank you, Muralikrish, for sharing your experiences and point of view. Curiosity and a desire to learn from experience can take a person a long way. My grandmother had to drop out of school after second grade to care for younger siblings, but she had learned to read and continued to educate herself for the rest of her life. She had many accomplishments and was a respected member of her community. Numerous members of the younger generations of her family are named after her,

    1. Your grandmother was an excellent person and had courageous mind to go along with her desires.If you have strong mind and vision to achieve, nothing will create any stumbling-block. Your grandmother life is a finest example for those who seek reasons for not doing anything or don’t know how to convert our desire to accomplishment.

      Thank you for sharing, reading and commenting. 👍👌

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