What Do You Need To Celebrate?

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He started his business three years ago. It hasn’t been so good so far. He got some projects but those were very small. He strives a lot to get one project, though he followed for the same for a long time. However, he is able to run the show until this time. After pursuing for six months, he has got one big project as he expected. He estimates that he would be occupied for the next eighteen months because of this new project.

On his way back to the office, he decided to give a party to his staff as a token of celebration for getting a new big project. Hence, he urged everyone to be at the office after business hours. At the party, he boastfully stated how he could get this project. So he asked everyone to enjoy themselves at the party. There were some gossips among his office staff that he would give another party which would be greater than this after successfully finished the project.

After eighteen months, as per the agreement, he finished the project successfully. Neither he was ready to celebrate nor did he have a desire to rejoice this time. But, the celebration was expected by all of his employees. It was the right time to bang on his achievement. But he could not. Why? Are you able to detect the reason?

He celebrated well and lost his strength when he received the project. Now his mind thinks, there is nothing to celebrate.

Alright. Shall we get into one more situation?


He belongs to a lower-middle-class family. Though he struggled a lot in his life, he made his son study well. So, the son got an opportunity to work in London. This made his father much satisfied and his father thought the hardships he had encountered were over. So before his son left, he desired to bring all of his friends and relatives to his house and mark this moment. Everything went on well. As he expected almost everyone had come and blessed his son. But, the son informed his father that he was not excited to go to London. The father got exasperated and felt humiliated before his friends and relatives.

In the two events depicted above which clearly brought out the intentions of the people. People wish to celebrate everything but before performing something or winning their goals. This article is not against the celebration. In fact, without celebration, we cannot take our life further.

If you take the first instance, he was very much happy that he received the project. So he thought that receiving a project or business itself an achievement. So it must be celebrated. I do not deny that getting business is an achievement but it does not qualify to celebrate in a larger way. Therefore, when he really achieved by completing the project, he could not rejoice. This is because he did not think that celebration should happen only after achieving what he wanted to.

In the second incident, the father could have shunned the celebration. Instead of celebrating he should have talked to his son for better clarity. Here, for what reason he celebrated that did not happen. The father could have organised a party after his son’s return.

A celebration is not sinful. Every moment of our life can be celebrated, indeed. But, for what reason? Without any reason, if we want to celebrate, it is going to be monotonous and tired of something.

Just assume, there is no match between teams, the trophy will be shared every alternate year. Will there be any excitement among players to get the trophy without playing? No, it could be boring for all. There will be no enthusiasm for any kind of celebration.

Make all students passed every year without conducting examinations and ask them to celebrate. Will they celebrate? They won’t because there is nothing to celebrate and it is not worth it. They have not done anything to celebrate. At the same time, if a student passed his examinations after working hard, he would celebrate his successful accomplishment.

Set a goal, chase it and explore all avenues to achieve it. Then consider about celebrations. At that moment, you will have immense energy and your mind definitely wishes for a big celebration. It could be a different feeling. That means after facing many difficulties, the achievement should be acclaimed and for keeping it in our memory for a long time, it should be celebrated.  

Celebrations for any achievement could be a significant activity. But celebrations itself cannot be an achievement.

21 thoughts on “What Do You Need To Celebrate?

  1. I agree— it’s easy to get ahead of ourselves. We should celebrate personal victories on a personal level. Then save the big celebrations for times when it really counts.

  2. Murali, I enjoyed reading this meaningful post. The stories illustrate your point very well. We should save the major celebrations for when the task is completed. When the new project is announced, employees can begin anticipating the celebration that will take place after its completion. This anticipation will motivate them in their work! 🙂

    All the best! Cheryl <3

  3. Beautiful must say. I completely agree with you and truly believe that celebration can be made a part of everyday life. It can be and should be found in smaller things in life. I also believe that while searching for ‘Happy Moments’ in our lives we miss the ‘Moments of Happiness’.

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