Let them know, who you are

“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” – Abraham Lincoln

Everyone has some skills and potential but many of us are reluctant to share any thoughts about it. First of all, some people do not know what sort of skills they have and how they should be developed. Some may sing very well and perform well when nobody at home. Some speak very well and discuss many things. They do not give serious thought on the skill and they do not even consider it a skill. Why these people are not so serious about their potential and not ready to exhibit it to the world.

In my opinion, they may not have been encouraged at home. When they perform casually in front of others at home or outside, they must have been teased by other family members or friends. Psychologically at the initial stage, if the work of somebody gets the attention of somebody, the outcome of the task will be extremely wonderful. Whereas at the early stage itself, if others are finding faults with the action, it will never take off.

Very recently, A talent show programme had been arranged by a school where my son is studying and many parents had been invited and I had also been there on invitation from the school. Many students were showing their talents by singing, dancing and some were giving a wonderful speech. Suddenly mothers of all children were called to assemble on the dais. Very few mothers appeared immediately. There was a representative of the school who asked all mothers to introduce themselves to the audience. The introduction happened fumblingly. After that everyone was asked to do or perform anything which they would like the most other than usuals at home. No one expected this task. Audiences were wondering about the task and speaking freakishly on attempting the tasks by the mothers of children. Some of them were on the dais showed shyness & nervousness and some were not in the mood to perform anything at that moment. The person who moderated the programme encouraged each of them and tried his best to bring out something from them. But suddenly from the audience camp, one lady appeared and ran to the dais. She picked the mike from the person and said to all ” I would like to sing a song”

The entire crowd lauded her daringness by clapping hands together. She came forward and started singing a song. In my opinion, it was as flawless as the baby’s skin. It was awesome and praiseworthy. At the end of the programme, she was called again and the school correspondent bestowed a price worth of rupees Five thousand on her. When she received the price her face became very bright and she was requested to speak for a few minutes.


She started ” I don’t know what to say. How I started and finished my singing is still a miracle for me. I have not had any experience of singing and I have not even given a thought of performing on stage like this. I have learned music but never utilised the platform or sought a chance to prove. I am excited and I should thank the school management to organise such a beautiful programme not only for children but also for parents. Thank god the school didn’t give any prior announcement. If did so, I wouldn’t have attended. Thanks, everybody” She could not speak further. Tears of joy began to flow.

After that as a token of appreciation, the same school offered her a job as a Music teacher. Now she has a proud feeling and does her job happily. If the school management had not organised such a programme, she would not have had a chance to prove her talent in front of many people. Earlier she was a homemaker, now she is a Music teacher. What a proud moment !!!.

Many of the talents and skills go waste without getting anybody’s notice. Potential people do not take any kind of effort to bring out their talents to the world. But some people want a chance to prove themselves like Mr. Krishnakumar.

Krishnakumar who had been working as a Machinist in a factory for more than seven years. Since he had an interest in playing Tennis, he was able to find time between his working shifts. So it enabled him to participate in a district level competition and won many matches and trophies. He had quit his job after one year and started his own Tennis coaching academy. Now he is able to coach nearly 150 aspirants per day.

Talent presents everywhere. It has to be tapped properly. Unlike earlier, now there are many platforms to prove our talents. Unless it is decanted, no one can restrict the wastage of skills. Fear of attempting new things, receiving negative comments from the surrounded people, suspicious about the outcome, no drive to amend the routine work and apart from these, no encouragement from family members and friends are all these will inevitably make a stumbling block to a person who has some extent of expertise or skill in a particular field. The pool of talents just needs a platform. If you know anybody with a spark like that, try bringing out by just tapping and motivate them. Who knows? He or she may become a singer or lawyer or a great leader of a country or a doctor because of you. But undoubtedly, if these people come out of their own path and ready to sharpen the skills and gather adequate knowledge of their field, no one can hinder their progress.

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26 thoughts on “Let them know, who you are

  1. Absolutely agree with your thoughts, there are people with such potential but inhibitions prevent them from realizing it. Your sharing of this anecdote proves how luck favours the brave. The lady singing, getting rewarded and getting a job was highly motivating.

  2. What a WONDERFUL post this is!!! Thank You so very much! I can’t stop smiling about Your first story of the singer! That’s so sweet that the school did that…..and that somewhere within herself the woman found the courage/inspiration to run up and participate so freely!!! It’s so true….there are so many gifted people who either have no idea or no confidence to allow themselves space in which to thrive in their talents. May those who need to hear this find Your post today!!! Cheers! 💕

  3. The sun rises not to the mediocre but to shine

    Marianne Williamson said: Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

  4. Wonderful post.True.All of us bestowed with inherent talent.Only requirement for the talent to get exposed is selfconfidence,encouragement by others, and a bit of luck.We are all born as unpolished diamonds worth shining waiting for the ocassion.Thanks a lot for sharing the article.

  5. Very nice! Encouragement is so important. Many people have turned me away from my ambitions, one way or another, with discouraging words and lack of confidence in me. It’s difficult to believe in yourself without the encouragement.

  6. We should find encourage the talented people. But many get jealous instead of encouragement.

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