Everyday Expression #9

When we are in trouble many of us habitual of getting views of others for solutions. There is nothing wrong with this exercise. We can receive as many views as we wish. However, the ultimate decision must be ours. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #8

When elders guide us something it is better to give importance and take it to our mind. Otherwise, our life will undoubtedly teach us something later, but that may not be tolerable. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #7

Nothing is everlasting in our life including our anger, smartness, emotions, etc., For instance, today we may expose our power to the most vulnerable person. On the contrary, our power would be futile later when we face a person mightier than us. © 2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #6

Always discovering lapses in someone's activities is dangerous among relationships. Strong relationships too sometimes abruptly turn into an irreparable state because of this captious attitude. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #5

Expecting perfection is one of the reasons for losing our happiness. We should not demand perfection from others because it is an illusion. In this world nothing is perfect. All are with some blemishes. Perfection is available only in the dictionary. It does not appear in the real world. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #4

There is no obligation to be panic when we perceive a change in our life. Rather thrusting it out, we should espouse it because change is inevitable in this world.  © 2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #3

Whenever we have any conversation on important subjects with someone, we should communicate with facts. Otherwise, keep ourselves silenced because the information without authenticity is termed as a rumour. © 2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #2

'An opportunity denied ' is an extremely common expression in this competitive world, but the accomplishment of the set goal with the strength of our mind and perseverance is extraordinary. © 2020Murali

Everyday Expression #1

'Yes' and 'No' the words which are very small in size, but they comprise more value if we use it appropriately in places and occasions. © 2020 Murali