Everyday Expression #29

Many of us begin something with zeal, but we normally do not wait till the end to see the amazing results. An incredible start may not be required. However, the outcome of the task must be extraordinary. ©Murali 2020

Everyday Expression #28

Image Courtesy : Pixabay We have many paths in front of us to travel. Even though, we should be very cautious when choosing the path because all roads will not take us to the destination which we need. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #27

Photo by Alexei Scutari on Unsplash For a peaceful and pleasant journey, we should add what needs to be added and avoid what needs to be avoided. If we add too much weight, happiness may disappear. This applies to our life journey too. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #26

Failures do not hinder or end one's progress. Certainly, it provides an opportunity to chalk out the plan accurately, to introspect the shortcomings and to sharpen the skills to accomplish the goal. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #25

Reaching a goal is essential. On the other hand, it is not so important that it has to be reached as fast as we think. If we push for quick success, we succumb to the pressure which we formed and will lose interest in reaching the goal. ©Murali 2020

Everyday Expression #24

A saint was asked by a person "I do not know anything about life and there are no schools or colleges to teach about life. How can I learn and live my life?' The saint grinned and responded "you don't have to do anything special. Simply perform your duty. Life will teach you everything..... as it seemed to you that you should come here" ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #23

Honesty, vision, commitment, perseverance, and planning are the keys to success. Some people lose these keys in the middle of their journey. Rather, some more people commence their journey without these keys.But the most important is, success goes to those who secure these keys throughout their journey. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #22

If you want to test the depth of a river, you must leap into the water. You cannot stand on the bank and measure. Similarly, we have to mingle with a person if we want to express our opinion on him. Otherwise, it is not appropriate to judge a person on our own conjectures. ©  2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #21

Some may not worry much about their own mistakes. Therefore, those who are willing to criticize and correct their own mistakes, they can be considered deserving of criticizing others'. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #20

We can strive hard to bring out optimum results from us. However, we should never feel that we work hard because sometimes the emotions blunt our enthusiasms. Rather, if we could feel our hard work as fun, it will drive us to progress more. ©2020 Murali