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Everyday Expression #39

All of us like to share our problems with others if we have any. But don’t think that you have to share your worries with everyone because for some it may be entertainment. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #38

Don't stand at a distance and think that how we can cross these many steps. Just strive hard to cross the first step. Later, ideas and energy will come to you naturally to cross many steps like this. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #37

Image Courtesy : Etiqa Whenever you have a discussion with anybody,  just start with a smile. Smile has two benefits. One is, it will bring a relationship one step closer and another one is, it will reduce the friction if you have anything with the other person. But your smile should be genuine. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #36

We learn how to speak. In the same way, we must also learn to keep silence sometimes, because speech may show us the way. Silence may protect us on many occasions. ©2020 Murali

Let them know, who you are

“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” - Abraham Lincoln Everyone has some skills and potential but many of us are reluctant to share any thoughts about it. First of all, some people do not know what sort of skills they have and how they should be developed. Some … Continue reading Let them know, who you are

Everyday Expression #35

Image Courtesy: Mother Earth News Seeds don't choose a suitable place and grow. Rather, it grows from the place where it falls. Similarly, we too should explore chances to develop ourselves where we are. ©2020 Murali

The Disease of Underestimation

Image Courtesy : Shrink For The Shy Guy My friend and I were sitting at a restaurant near our house. After a few minutes, a person came and sat in front of us as there was a seat available and, immediately he ordered something. We were waiting eagerly, to have something very delicious. My friend started talking about the past and present. Meanwhile, the waiter delivered burgers to the other person who was sitting in front of us. Whenever he was devouring a piece, he made a big slurp which disturbed us a lot. I did … Continue reading The Disease of Underestimation

Everyday Expression #34

Many people strive hard even after they made a success. Do you know why? It's not difficult to make success in life. The harder one is to keep success forever than to make a success. ©2020 Murali

Everyday Expression #33

Don't abandon your journey now as it has just half-finished.  You can move forward or go back to the place where you began.  Choose either way...  But, the distance is the same... ©2020 Murali

Don’t allow the issue to follow you

His superior ordered him to come down to head office at 4 pm today. Therefore, he looks very nervous.  Why did he call up? What will be the topic? His mind has been in a confused state from morning itself. He is the Branch Manager of the biggest organisation. A few days ago, one of his customers had come to his branch with issues. As a Branch head, he should have attempted to resolve the problem. But he sought 24 hours times and did nothing. The customer has already spoken to him twice over the phone in this regard. The customer must have gone to the head office and complained. He suspects the customer. At least his superior could have informed the reason. He looked at his watch. It shows 11.30 am. It’s awful. He should push nearly … Continue reading Don’t allow the issue to follow you